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Italy Visa FAQs

•Do I need an Italy visa from Dubai to enter Italy?

All UAE citizens and expat residence eligible to obtain Italy visa before travelling to Italy need to acquire a valid Italy visa.

•Is Italy visa necessary for children?

Any person irrespective of age needs to obtain a valid Italy visa for traveling into the country.

•Can I apply for Italy visa if I am staying in a different country? presently caters to UAE nationals only for international visas. UAE citizens can contact us at

•Is it necessary to state the purpose of the visit during Italy visa application?

Yes, it is mandatory to submit documents stating the reason for the visit to Italy along with a travel itinerary, air flight tickets, hotel bookings etc.

•What are the benefits of applying for a visa through

One of the main reasons would be that our customers need not worry about cumbersome visa procedures. We guide you at every step with our expertise and knowledge gained through years of experience in visa handling. Quick and effective processing is one of our core significance and we strive to efficiently and accurately cater to visa needs, and the conveniences of our customers are the top priority.

•What are the different types of Italy visa I can apply for?

An Italy visa application depends purely on the duration and purpose of visit. Depending upon these, a visitor can choose an Italy tourist visa, visiting visa or transit visa. Check the ‘how to apply’ section for more on Italy visa requirements.

•Do I have to specifically acquire an Italy visit visa for my Italy travel even if I am planning to travel to other Schengen countries?

Italy is a part of the Schengen zone and you can travel to Italy if you have a visa of any other Schengen country you are visiting in Europe. However, if you are going to stay the most number of days in Italy, then you would require to apply for Italy visa.

•Do I need to book my flight tickets to Italy before applying for Italy visa in UAE?

Italy visa process demands a return air flight ticket to confirm your duration of stay and exit from the country. You can book a ticket before applying for Italy visa, but you may not need to confirm the booking, which can be consulted with our visa specialist during the course of your visa procedure.

•How long before my Italy travel should I apply for a visa?

You can apply for Italy visa maximum 90 days prior to your travel date but no later than 15 days before the planned travel.

•How long will it take to get Italy visa processed?

The duration varies but mostly visa gets processed usually within 10 to 14 working days. There can be delays if the required documents are not provided or additional documents are requested for verification.

•What are the visa application fees?

Please contact us at +971 42087555 or email at for queries related to visa fees. Our visa specialists will promptly respond to all your queries.

•Will I get a refund in case my visa application gets rejected?

Visa fees are non-refundable and will not be reimbursed in case of a visa rejection.

•How can I track the status of my Italy visa application?

Once you have submitted your complete application and documents, our visa staff is at your service to keep you updated about your visa status.

•Will I be called for an interview?

After the submission of your documents, if the case arises for an interview, our staff will get in touch with you regarding further procedures.

•What happens if my Italy visa gets rejected?

In case you get an Italy visa rejection, you will receive a refusal letter. However, most visa rejection letters do not disclose the reasons for which your visa got rejected.

•What should I do in case my visa gets rejected?

You can reapply again for Italy visa with additional precautions that all your documents are proper, correct and up to date.

•How is the visa issued?

The visa will be stamped on your passport once the process is completed.

Italy Visa Only For U.A.E Inhabitants

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