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Italy is a beautiful romantic destination for all global travelers and tourists. You get to experience a completely new cultural heritage, modern opulence, and wonderful indulgences as part of your visit. In addition, several splendid attractions are defined landmarks of Italy that give you a wonderful opportunity to plan for a fabulous holiday. An Italy visa is a mandatory document you must submit as part of your entry requirements in Italy.

If you are applying for an Italy visa, using the right photos in the visa application form is a vital requirement for smooth processing. No matter what visa you apply for, you will always be expected to submit two photographs with excellent photograph quality as a supporting document for your visa application form. The Italy visa photo size requirements should meet the requirements set by the Italian authorities; else, it will derail your travel plans.

We recommend you take professional help to meet the Italian visa photo requirements. They have mastered the art of taking the right photo for the first time over several years of experience. Also, connect with visa agencies with prior experience processing Italy visa photos that meet all Italy visa photo size requirements. We have bought you the complete guide for Italy visa size photo requirements to help you easily sail through your Italy visa.

Here is your guide to Italy visa photo requisites:

Photograph Specifications

  • The Italy visa photo size requirements – 4.5 cm x 3.5 cm in color format only. Maintain a pixel size of at least 600 dpi. Black & white photographs are not allowed.
  • The photograph quality should be good and have a centered face coverage of 70-80% squared with the camera.
  • The photograph you submit in your visa application should not be older than six months and should not have any patterns or prints. Light-colored and plain are the best recommended.
  • Always go for a neutral expression rather than a smile with eyes open and directed towards the camera. Also, use only prescription glasses; else, you can skip them.
  • Any form of headgear is permitted only for medical or religious purposes. Therefore, there is no specific attire required for your visa application.

Italy Visa Photo Requirement Guide

The government agencies do not provide much focus on the profile photos and snapshots shared with your visa application. Hence, this quick guide will help you get your visa photo right first. Then, as you prepare for your visa snapshots, lighten your stress levels to get your application approved quicker.

  • Each visa applicant must submit 2 photos as a supporting document for their visa application form.
  • The Italy visa photo size requirement is not optional. Every applicant must follow the standard guidelines of 4.5 cm x 3.5 cm. Avoid being far away or too close to the camera.
  • The photograph quality should be good. Using poor lighting or exposure or creating shadows on your photo will automatically be rejected. Always keep your hair off your face. Your face coverage should be crystal clear and cover 70-80% of your photo. Keep your face centered on the camera.
  • All facial expressions like smiles or eyes closed should be avoided. You should always provide a neutral facial expression with your mouth closed. Providing unique facial expressions can lead to a distortion in the facial recognition by the government agencies that can lead to a rejection of your visa application.
  • The camera should focus sharply on your face as a front view and not be blurred, in low contrast, or too light. Use glossy, good, quality paper that has no tears or creases. Avoid having dark shadows and flash reflections on your face while clicking the right photo.
  • Italy visa photos should be recent and not older than six months. Your visa application can be delayed or rejected if the authorities notice any physical change in your face coverage.
  • Your photograph should be taken against a light color background. Always recommended to use a dark-colored shirt or top so that you can avoid blending with your backdrop. Also, avoid the shadows behind the head, with no contrast, or with a print background on your Italy visa photo.
  • It is fine if you regularly use a beard in your everyday look. Else, you should skip the beard. Do not use unnatural color, creased/ink marked, pixelated photographs. Keep the skin tone natural in your Italy visa photo.
  • Do not use headgear unless you have medical or religious reasons for the same. Avoid wearing a hat or any form of headgear that can impact your face covered in any form.
  • Ensure you are using thin prescription glasses only. Anti-glare and tinted glasses should be strictly avoided.

Italy Visa Photo Requirement for Small Kids, Infants, Babies, and Newborn

Italy Visa

You may want to apply for a passport for your newborn or small child to meet the visa requirements of Italy. Everyone, irrespective of age, should submit their own visa size photo and an individual visa application. Children should be carrying their own documents and photographed separately as well. Without these documents, your kid may not be able to travel with you. The following key points will help you cover all aspects of your Italy visa photo size requirements while applying for your kid or infant.

  • Lighting, contrast, background, and pixelation are key aspects of Italy visa photo size requirements for all age groups, even for kids and infants.
  • The photo size specifications remain the same for all age groups
  • Avoid bottles, pacifiers, and toys from being photographed with your kid or infant.
  • If the infant needs to be held by their parents, the parents should not be visible in the photograph.
  • Use a light background while the infant sits in a chair or is lying on the floor. Always keep your kids face centrally squared with the camera with mouth closed and eyes open.

The government has made dramatic changes to the entire process of submitting your visa application post-pandemic era. Several professional services help you meet your Italy visa photo requirements, saving you time and money. The professionals take care of all your Italy visa photo size requirements at your convenience and in simplicity. Therefore, you need not worry much as they cover all the minute aspects of your Italy visa photo requirements laid down by the compliance and regulations.

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