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Terms and Conditions of italyvisa.ae

The ‘terms and conditions’ provided below are akin to a contract between italyvisa.ae and our customers who apply for a Schengen or Italy visa through our portal. When the customer uses our visa services, they also provide us with permission to access and use the information that is needed to choose the right visa package and also to process the visa. Hence, it is extremely important that our clients read the terms and conditions before opting for our services. It is understood that anyone who opts for our services also accepts our terms and conditions.

1. Scope and Procedures

www.italyvisa.ae caters to people from all walks of lives who want to apply for an Italy or Schengen visa for business or pleasure. While we provide Italy visa services to people from all over the world, we specially cater to people in the UAE. However, we do not provide our visa services to Qatar and Azerbaijan citizens. Our Italy visa services are not limited to helping you choose the right visa package. On the other hand, we guide you through the entire process, right from filling in the application form to submitting it at the consulate.

While our main goal is to ensure that our clients receive their Italy visa on time, we cannot provide any guarantee that they will receive the visa. The Italy visa requirements are different for every country, and the clients have to provide all the documentation as per these requirements. However, we are not responsible for the decision taken by the embassy or consulate of Italy. We can only assist in applying for a visa but do not have the power of influencing the final decision of the visa authorities.

Italyvisa.ae cannot be held responsible if the customer’s Italy visa application is rejected duet to the reasons mentioned below (or even reasons other than these):

  • Incomplete or inaccurate Italy visa application
  • Inaccurate, damaged, incomplete, or confusing supporting documents. For instance, damaged or torn application forms, photographs, passports, etc.
  • Not having airplane tickets at the time of visa application
  • Error or missing information

Rejection of Italy visa due to these reasons (or others) will not be responsibility of italyvisa.ae. We can help customers with booking flight tickets before applying for a visa, if that is a necessity. We also advise clients to look into transit visa requirements in case they will have to take a connecting flight from another foreign country while travelling to Italy. Every country has different transit visa rules for people of different nationalities.

2. Documentation

Submitting the right documents is extremely important to ensure that the clients receive their visas on time. For Italy visa, customers’ passports should have a minimum of 6 months validity, starting from the time they plan to return from Italy. Moreover, the visa documents and application need to be submitted on time to make sure that they receive the visas on time.

When customers submit the documents with us, they agree that they will receive all the original documents only when the visa process is complete from the end of the visa issuing authority. It is also important to remember that the visa is provided on first-come, first-serve basis. Hence, it is important to submit the documents or else the interview time and date will have to be postponed.

Documents like passport, flight information, appointment letter, travel insurance, etc. will be returned to the client once the visa process is complete. Once they receive these documents, they need to provide the acknowledgment receipt via email. If the email is not sent on the same day, they will not be eligible for any adjustments or changes. Extra charges will have to be paid for changes after this.

Acknowledgment should be made once clients receive their Italy visas. This is essential because this will aid us to make any major or minor corrections if needed. In case this communication is not made on the same day the clients receive their visas, italyvisa.ae will not be responsible for any losses incurred due to the delay or absence of such communication.

If there are any changes in the customers’ travel plans, they need to convey the same to us beforehand. Italyvisa.ae will not be responsible for any problems that arise due to this negligence.

3. Fee and Payment Mode

Paying the visa fee is an important part of the Italy visa application. Customers can make their visa payments via debit card, credit card, and online bank transfer. The visa fee has to be paid right at the time of applying for a visa. A crucial thing to remember here is that the visa application requirements and fee structure are likely to change at any time, without any prior notice.

4. Processing Time

The processing time for Italy visa mentioned on our website is just an estimate based on our experience working with different consulates over so many years. We start the process of submitting the visa application and documents as soon as we receive them from our customers. The Italian embassy or consulate usually works five days a week, i.e. from Sunday to Thursday, while it remains closed on Friday and Saturday and during public holidays. Apart from this, the Italian consulate or embassy may remain closed without any notice. Any delays caused in the visa process will not be the responsibility of italyvisa.ae.

5. Application and Rejection of Visas

Italyvisa.ae is a portal through which customers can apply for an Italy or Schengen visa. However, we cannot guarantee that each of our clients will get Italian visa approval. The sole authority of accepting or rejecting the visa lies with the Italian embassy or consulate. Italyvisa.ae cannot be held responsible if a client’s visa application has been rejected.

6. Policies on Cancellation and Refund

The customers will not receive any visa fee refunds even if the visa application is rejected. In case they want to cancel the visa application, they may get back the processing fee, but only if they send a cancellation request before the application is sent to the consulate. However, we will retain our processing fee expenses, which include administration, banking, and service charges. In such case, a partial refund (not more than 50%) will be allowed. No refund will be possible once the application reaches the consulate or embassy.

If customers want to cancel their visa application, it can be done through the website, italyvisa.ae. Customers have to login using their login credentials and then click on delete or cancel. Payments made through credit card, especially those more than a month old, will not be refunded. In such a case, a service credit will be offered, which can be used for visa application through italyvisa.ae. Another point to note here is that the visa prices and packages can be altered without any prior notice. Hence, it is important to check the terms and conditions page regularly.

7. Use of Intellectual Property

The information as well as the graphic representation available on the website are the exclusive property of italyvisa.ae. This includes the text, graphics, images, videos, and other aspects of the website. Hence, we also have the right to stop anyone from accessing the website at any time, without providing any explanation or reason.

Customers can only use the information available on the website to gain knowledge. No information should be copied, sold, published, or reposted in any way. Anyone using the logo, name, trademark, or such other identifiers without permission will have to face legal action or penalty. We are also not responsible for the links to external websites present on our website. Clients can use these links at their own risk.

8. Applicable Law & Language

The terms and conditions mentioned here comply with the laws of the United Arab Emirates. All legal matters that arise between the client and italyvisa.ae will be resolved by the UAE’s federal courts.

Every communication between the customer and italyvisa.ae has to be done in English. We cannot be held responsible for errors or mistakes that are caused due to communication done in any other language other than English.

9. Indemnify

Customers using our visa services must also agree to indemnify us against all kinds of expenditure, loss, or damage caused by the following reasons:

  • Any claim, action, or proceeding against italyvisa.ae by a third party due to breaches created by the client
  • Violation of the terms and conditions
  • Fraudulent acts done by customers, their workers, or other representatives

10. Disclaimer

Italyvisa.ae does not provide any guarantee that the content available on our website is complete, accurate, or up to date. While we try our best to provide the right information, inaccuracies cannot be completely prevented. No warranties will be provided for the information or the software available on our website, including that of non-encroachment and merchantability.

We also do not provide any guarantee that the service packages and products are free of viruses or any other faults. We also cannot provide assurance that all the products and services will suit each individual. Nevertheless, we guarantee that we will only use cutting-edge technology to ensure that the booking experience is hassle-free and secure.

11. Complaints

Whoever submits an Italy visa application with us should also agree about not posting any complaints or comments on our social media account without seeking our permission, if their visa application is denied or delayed by the embassy or consulate of Italy. In case of a query or complaint, customers can reach us at +971 42087543.

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