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The Italian government announced that the country’s work permit quota for unskilled workers and startup visa applicants from foreign countries would be increased to 82,705 spots for 2023.

What You Should Know About Italy’s Increased Work Permit Quota for Foreigners in 2023

Each year, Italy issues a limited number of work permits for specific job opportunities. The “decreto flussi” specifies these potential boundaries. On January 26, the new “decreto flussi” for 2023, which sets the overall quota achievable for 2023 at 82,705, was published in the Official Gazette. This is 7000 more than the previous year’s set limits.

Italy Raises the Foreign Worker Quota to Draw Budding Job Seekers

Italy, one of the most beautiful countries in the world, has long been a popular tourist destination, but in recent years, it has also become a desirable location for job seekers. From its rich history and vivid culture to its thriving economy and job market, the country has a lot to offer. Italy plans to increase its foreign work permit quota to over 82,700 in 2023, which is great news for anyone looking to work and live in this beautiful country. In 2023, Italy will increase the number of work permits available to foreigners.

This step is welcome news for job seekers outside the European Union who have been unable to find work in Italy due to strict immigration policies, they can now apply for Italy visa and get in. In 2023, Italy will increase the number of work permits available to foreigners. The new quota will be distributed across various industries, including agriculture, tourism, construction, and healthcare.

Apply for a Work Permit in Italy

Obtaining a work permit in Italy can be difficult and time-consuming, but it is not impossible. There are various types of work permits available, depending on the job and your circumstances. Finding work in Italy is the first step toward obtaining a work permit. Your employer must apply for a work permit on your behalf once you have found work. Before hiring a foreign worker, your employer must demonstrate that they cannot find a suitable candidate within the EU. They will also require proof of your qualifications and work experience, as well as evidence that you meet the job requirements. You must apply for an Italy visa to enter once your work permit has been approved. The visa application process can also be time-consuming and paperwork-intensive. You must show proof of employment, housing, and financial means to support yourself in Italy.


The decision by Italy to increase the work permit quota for foreigners to over 82,700 for 2023 is a positive development for both the country and those looking for work. It is an opportunity for the country to benefit from foreign workers’ skills and expertise while also promoting diversity and inclusion in the workforce. As the world becomes more globalized, Italy’s openness to foreign workers will help the country maintain its global competitiveness.

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