Visa Information of Italy for Indian Passport holder in UAE

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Indians can be found everywhere around the globe. They make their presence felt in one way or the other in every country globally. Indians are also known to be avid travellers who love to explore destinations for varied reasons. Some Indians visit places just for vacations, while others do so for business and professional need. One region that finds a vast presence of Indian population is United Arab Emirates.

Tourist flocks in Rome City during off season

Amongst the many destinations that Indians like to visit, one is Italy. The sheer brilliance in terms of culture and amazing locales makes this place a sought after destination for Indians and other nationals. Italy is one destination that has made a strong mark on minds of travellers worldwide. Moreover, there are many who need to visit Italy for business purpose also. Hence, an Italy visit visa or an Italy business visa needs to be obtained in order to move to Italy for a specific period of time.

Indian residents of United Arab Emirates too might find the need to obtain an Italy tourist visa or an Italy business visa at some point of time due to needs. This is when the question will arise as to how to get an Italy visa in United Arab Emirates with an Indian passport?

Ascertain visa type

Visa can be obtained for a short duration or for long stay. So you need to first ascertain what type of visa will be needed to suffice your requirements.

Visa application

The next step involves getting hold of the visa application form. This form can be obtained online. Fill in every detail mentioned on the form. Remember that this is an important process and hence, if you are not very sure, avail services of some expert Italy Visa travel agency for this purpose.

Get documents ready

Before this process, ensure that your passport is valid for minimum 3 months more than visa requirement period and it is issued not more than 10 years prior to the date of Italy visa application. The passport also needs to have at least 2 pages blank for visa.

Two coloured photographs of passport size will ne necessitated to accompany with your application form.

Get appointment

You need to then fix an appointment with the Italy visa application center for further process.

Visiting the centre for Italy visa application

Before moving to the Italy visa application centre, ensure that you have read through all the security regulations. All documents along with your passport, signed visa application form and photographs need to be present with you.

Once through security check, a token will be issued to you. Once called, you will need to furnish your token and documents at the counter. Completeness of all your documents and application will be checked at the counter and you will be provided with a receipt of acknowledgement post visa fees payment. Remember that if you fail to complete every process perfectly, you may need to face Italy visa rejection.

Tracking application

You can easily track the status of your Italy visa application online. This will keep you updated about your visa till it is approved.

Collecting your passport

There are two ways in which you can get hold of your passport post submission. One is to get it directly at the Italy visa application center over the counter and the second is to receive all documents via courier at your residence or office.

One aspect that is clear after knowing about all the steps involved in availing of an Italy visit visa or an Italy business visa in United Arab Emirates for an Indian passport holder is that though this process seems easy, it can get the better of you if your documentation or application is not perfect.

This is the primary reason that you must opt for the services of trained professionals such as some Italy Visa agency for this purpose. Not only will this ensure that your process of Schengen visa application is simplified, but it will also mean that you will definitely get hold of your Italy visa.

So if you expect that you trip to the amazing land of Italy becomes a reality, it is always better to get expert advice and guidance from some Italy visa agency. So Indians staying in United Arab Emirates can now avail of their Italy visa easily via such agencies and expect to visit Italy soon.

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