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Italy Visa Checklist: How to Check Visa Status in UAE

A holiday to Italy is a dream of many. Italy has beautiful landscapes, interesting history, unique culture and delicious food, making it a favourite destination of many. However, before you start looking for the best places to visit in Italy, you need to know whether you need to have a visa to visit the country. Italy visa is in reality Schengen visa, which gives you the opportunity to visit not just Italy but several other countries in the European Union, including Germany, France, Switzerland, Poland, etc.

Who Needs Schengen Visa to Visit Italy from UAE?

If you are a citizen of the United Arab Emirates, you are eligible for ‘visa on arrival’ for 90 days’ stay in the country. All you need to carry with yourself are your passport, evidence for purpose of your visit, proof of finances to cover your expenses during the day, etc. On the other hand, if you are an expat from a country that is not eligible for visa on arrival in Italy, you can apply for Schengen visa through Italian Consulate or Embassy. visa status

Checklist for Italy Visa

If you are a resident of UAE, you need to submit an application form, your photograph and several other supporting documents. It is extremely important to know the type of visa you want to apply for before you fill the form. Here is a checklist of the things to submit while applying for Italy visa from UAE:
  • Passport: You have to submit your original passport with at least 3 months validity from the date you are planning to return from Italy or Europe. It should have at least 2 blank pages.
  • Photograph: A recent coloured photograph should be a part of your documents. The background of the photo should be white.
  • Residence Proof: If you are a resident of UAE, you need to submit the proof of your resident visa. It should have a validity of at least 3 months.
  • Previous Travel Proof: If you have travelled to USA, UK or any of the Schengen countries before, you need to submit the proof of the previous visas of the same.
  • Accommodation Proof: You have to submit documents related to your confirmed hotel bookings
  • Flight Confirmation: It is important to submit the proof of your confirmed return air tickets.
  • Cover Letter: A cover letter that states the purpose of your Italy visa should also be a part of the documents you submit.
  • Financial Proof: Copies of bank statements or credit card statements have to be submitted to ensure you have enough resources to support your stay in Italy. You may also have to provide proof of your personal investments and assets.
  • Travel Insurance: Having a travel insurance from a UAE based insurance company is mandatory.
Additional Documents For Employed Expats: If you are an employed expat, you have to submit a No Objection Certificate from their employer. The letter should include your name, designation, date of employment and monthly salary. It should also have the signature of your employer. For Minors: A consent letter signed by most parents have to be included if the applicant is an unaccompanied minor. If one parent accompanies the child, the signature of the other parent as well as his or her passport copy has to be included along with the rest of the documents.

How to Check Italy Visa Status in UAE?

To check your Italy visa status in UAE, you need to call or visit the Italian Embassy. If you have applied for the visa through a travel company or agency, you can contact them to know the status of your visa. Most of the travel agents have a tracking system in place for their clients, through which they can check the status of their Italy or Schengen visa. Once you have submitted the application form and documents, you would get the Italy visa within 5-10 business days. You may have to attend an interview as well as provide additional documents before your visa application is approved. For a glitch free Italy visa application experience, it would be best to contact a reputed travel or visa agent. The agent would ensure that you get your Italy visa on time
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Travel in the Time of Coronavirus

The whole world has somewhat come to standstill at this moment due to the COVID-19 virus; everyone is affected but probably the most affected are all types of travelers such as globetrotters, adventure travelers, frequent flyers, holidaymakers, pilgrims etc. So we’ve come up with this post which not only enlightens on you everything about this coronavirus, its after-effects, safety measures and


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Trevi Fountain – Rome

Italy Festivals in 2021

Italy is one of the most popular countries to visit in the European continent. Be its vibrant cities of Rome, Venice or Florence, the unique towns of the Amalfi Coast or the breathtaking Lake Como, Italy offers incredible experiences. However, the amazing places are not the only things that Italy offers. In fact, the country is also known for its numerous festivals. As festivals happen throughout the year in Italy, you would get to experience at least one of them whenever you visit. With this note, we present to you the list of Italy festivals you can expect in 2021.

Festivals in January

1.Capodanno: January 01

Capodanno After elaborate celebrations on New Year’s Eve, January 1, also known as Capodanno, is considered as a day for rest. Still, you may find special events and activities on this day, at some of the cities in Italy. For instance, the people of Venice go for a traditional swim in the lagoon on Capodanno. Remember that it is winter in Italy during this time of the year; attend this swim only if you do not mind the freezing water. Continue reading

Italy Public Holidays 2020

Every person, how much ever hardworking he or she might be, craves for a break now and then. This is why most people are keen to check the public holidays as soon as the New Year’s calendar releases. Public holidays are a great way to take a break and relax without sacrificing one’s leaves. Moreover, knowing about the official public holidays beforehand would also help you to plan your vacations. If you are living and working in Italy, you would be glad to know that you would get to enjoy around 10-11 holidays in the country in the year 2020. Continue reading
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12 Things to Never Do in Italy For a Peaceful Vacay

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Piazza del Duomo

One Day in Milan: Best Things to do in Milan in One Day

If you ask if a day in Milan is enough, the answer would be no. This Italian city has lot to offer and seeing and enjoying everything in a day is not possible. There are museums to explore, cathedrals to visit, unique malls to shop at and an array of restaurants to try in this city, which is also known as the fashion capital. However, this does not mean that you cannot see anything. In fact, if you have a dedicated a day to Milan during your Italian or European tour, here are some of the best things to do in Milan in one day. Continue reading
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13 Interesting Facts About the Roman Colosseum

Ever been to Rome? The Roman Colosseum is one cool asset of the place. Discover the eye-opening Colosseum facts and information regarding its history, building and other facets. In ruins, still magnificent- the Roman Colosseum is a massive stone amphitheatre. It is a great pride for Italy’s capital and draws overflowing tourists. And why not, this iconic architecture is among the incredible 7 wonders of the world, voted by around 90 million people-phew! Also, UNESCO has labelled it in the World Heritage monuments. Continue reading

When is the best time to go to Italy?

Travelling to Italy? Find out the ideal time, considering factors like weather, crowd and prices. Italy is a beautiful European country with a long Mediterranean coastline, captivating art, awesome history, delicious food and unparalleled architecture. It’s packed with a diverse form of attractions and entertainment that makes it one of the top destinations in the bucket list. Everything that you have seen in the movies and desire to experience in real life- they all exist. From colourful buildings on steep mountains by the beach to the green vineyards an olive groves, Italy is one of the happening stations on the planet that you can visit any time of the year. Continue reading

Spain Vs Italy – Where to travel for your next European trip?

A European holiday is a dream come true for many visitors. Teeming with an amazing assortment of fascinating countries, Europe offers something for all genre of travellers. Among these countries, Italy and Spain are both most popular destinations to visit in Europe. Italy and Spain are both beautiful destinations offering a harmonious blend of natural beauty,  cultural immersion and heritage sights. Packed with amazing sightseeings, epicurean and cultural experiences, Spain and Italy both woo their guests with their unique charms. But which of them is a better holiday destination? – You may wonder. Well, it all depends on what you want to experience on your European holiday. Spain and Italy are very similar but still feels totally different from each other. Here are few pointers that distinguish both these charming countries from one another. Continue reading
Amalfi colourful coastal townships of italy

Essential Italian phrases to know before travelling to Italy

Italy is one European country that is definitely on every wanderlust’s bucket list. While the Renaissance ambience, fresh food and warm culture can all feel welcoming, one little fact can become a hindrance in your otherwise perfect Italian vacation – the Italian Language. Though English is widely spoken, locals still prefer Italian language and really appreciate visitors speaking in to them in Italian. Also if you are venturing to explore the countryside, then Italian is spoken more than English. So it really helps if you have bit of knowledge on speaking basic Italian language for travellers  and use it during your Italy vacation. You don’t need to be fluent, just memorizing few Italian greetings, how to order food, get around the destination and practical questions which you can ask to locals are more than enough. Here are few basic Italian phrases that would help you a lot on your Italian vacation. Continue reading
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Visa Information of Italy for Indian Passport holder in UAE

Indians can be found everywhere around the globe. They make their presence felt in one way or the other in every country globally. Indians are also known to be avid travellers who love to explore destinations for varied reasons. Some Indians visit places just for vacations, while others do so for business and professional need. One region that finds a vast presence of Indian population is United Arab Emirates.

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Top ‘Not-To-Miss’ Experiences in Italy

Great food, amazing culture and breathtaking vistas are the best combination for a perfect getaway and Italy has it all. This Mediterranean country is a fusion of culture, remarkably beautiful cities, unmatched natural vistas of lakes and mountains, culinary delights and historical treasures – all the essential elements for a spectacular enriching holiday. Through the endless list of experiences you can have in Italy, we have hand-picked a few things you can include in your Italian journey for a beguiling vacation.

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Entry Into Italy for UAE & Non UAE

Entry Into Italy for UAE & Non UAE Citizens

Italy visa in Dubai is issued by the Consulate General of Italy. But have ever considered the hassles one goes through especially for first-time applicants. UAE nationals do not require a visa with effect from 7th May 2015 for travelling to the Schengen countries. But non-UAE citizens require a visa for travelling to the Schengen regions. Ideally, it is expected that you plan your visa requirements 90 days prior to your departure to give you sufficient time to undergo the entire process.

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