Historical Landmark in Italy

July is the height of summer in Italy.
Schools are out, sun is shining brightly, and people begin to plan their vacations.
Weekends are spent at the beach, evenings are spent outside, and the sun becomes an enemy: July in Italy is a time for the shaded terraces & al fresco dining, and not sightseeing under the scorching sun!

Why Visit Italy in July?

Visit Italy in July

Visiting Italy in July implies spending great periods under the sun, which is essential if you plan on going to seashores. It also implies more crowds (which may not be bad if you are prepared) and higher prices (which is mostly undesirable). July makes it less easy to find solitary places that are separated from throngs. On the other hand, if you reserve museum tickets before visiting them., then this wouldn’t happen as there are hourly lines in front of Vatican Museums/the Uffizi Gallery. Once again, rates for tickets and rooms will be more inflated yet planning keeps you from being left with just the highest-priced room.

Overall, summer months in Italy are a tough nut to crack if one has little money. Sometimes smaller resorts may help to save money but this is not always possible in the middle of summer. However, the reality is that July month in Italy should work for you as long as your travel budget is manageable if crowds do not concern you and you like driving hot temperatures. Once again, plan and reserve as much as possible ahead of time to avoid long lines; stay hydrated and out from the sun while resting during those breaks throughout the day. The process of making a July visit to Italy into an unforgettable summer ride is a long one.

Weather In Italy In July

The overall climate of Italy is of the summer type. The temperature is on the higher side in almost every part of Italy.

1.  Northern Italy

The northern part consists of mountains and hilly regions. So, the weather is a bit less hot than in the other parts of Italy. The temperature remains at 60 -80 °F. Very mild rainfall might be experienced here.

2. Central Italy

It is very hot in July here. Temperatures soar as high as 60-80 °F. Rainfall is quite rare and lasts for a short time.

3. Southern Italy

It is the hottest part of Italy with temperatures varying between 70-80 ° F. Here also you will see very little rain.

Italy Temperature in July

Because July is a summer month, the weather in Italy in fact will most likely be hot. Though few people have experience dealing with summer, believe me when I say that summer in Italy is not the same. Staying inside during the summer is different from going outside to journey around the city during the summer in Italy. So, stay hydrated & take breaks to rest and refresh yourself in between attraction sights.

The average temperature in Italy is as follows:

Northern Italy: 64°F (18°C)
66-90°F (18-32°C) in Central Italy
74-90°F (24-32°C) in Southern Italy

Best Places to Visit in Italy in July 2024

1. Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre, Italy

July is ideal for summer road trips in Italy via one of the country’s most picturesque regions, the Cinque Terre. Stop in each city to explore the cobblestone streets & find the best views of the coastline. People watch the sunset from the coffee shop or at the time of drinking an ice cold beer. Take a stroll via the famous Cinque Terre National Park, which is one of Italy’s smallest but most beautiful, or go hiking on the Monterosso Trail. Take a boat trip from San Francesco and/or simply relax near the cliffs and enjoy the scenery. If you wish to explore coasts in peace and quiet, you can stay in the various cities.

Weather conditions: The average temperature is 27° C with sunny days.
Tips to know: if you’re looking to lay out on the beach, head to Monterosso al Mare. If you want to hike between villages, you’ll need a Cinque Terre card.
Things to see: Visit the five villages, go for a swim in the sea
Reason for visiting Italy in July: Long day hours allow for more sightseeing

2. Italian Lakes

Italian Garda Lakes

July is also an excellent time to see the Italian lakes. Both Lake Garda & Lake Como are gorgeous at this time of year, providing respite from the city heat, and these are just the two most well-known! When visiting lakes in July, you can go boating, sunbathing, and possibly swimming (depending on where you go): just be cautious if visiting on weekends, as they are standard day trips from the cities and can get very crowded.

Weather conditions: The average temperature is 27° C with sunny days.
Tips to know:  You will see a lot of Germans and Dutch people, also restaurants with German and  Dutch cuisine
Things to see: Bellagio near Lake Como and Como Cathedral.
Reason for visiting Italy in July: If you feel hot while touring the lake, you can still take a dip in the lake and cool yourself.

3. Sicily

Sicily Italy

If you wish to spend your vacation by the sea and sun, Sicily is ideal in July. Because of the soaring temperature and relentless sun, sightseeing at archaeological sites may be difficult at this time, yet all experiences along waters will be pleasant, and you can still plan some excursions early in the day. Here are few exciting things to do & see in Sicily in July:

  • Day trip to a beautiful island of Lipari and Vulcano – a fantastic way to visit some of Sicily’s most beautiful smaller islands.
  • Etna region’s wine tours – a fun way of tasting the wines from the unique volcanic surrounding.
  • Palermo evening food trip – a great way to enjoy Sicily’s mouthwatering culinary tradition during the cooler hours of the day.

Weather conditions in the Aeolian Islands and San Vito Lo Capo- the average temperatures are 27° C with sunny days.

Tips to know: Do not be repelled by the powerful smell of sulfur emanating from the Volcano’s mud but consider just the panorama and its healing features.
Things To See: If you visit Volcano Island, then your days will be passed between its mud pool and black volcanic shorelines. For those who like to spend their holidays actively, go up the Great Crater! The other islands can include Lipari with an old castle or Stromboli to watch one of the numerous small eruptions of this vivid volcano.
Tips to know: when you visit San Vito beach is ideal for their kids as it has many facilities and its calm shallow water makes it a very safe place.
Things to see in San Vito: In San Vito Lo Capo, you’ll likely spend most of your time at the beach where there are some facilities complete with all necessary comforts and free areas that are open to the public. Save some time to visit the “Fortress-Sanctuary”: it is also based on the Chapel of S. Vito, which was a refugee from attacks by pirates.
Reasons for visiting Aeolian Islands in July: Aeolian islands despite the many tourists here, have beaches and pieces of heritage as well as trekking trails and spa treatments giving you different things to enjoy doing during your stay.
Reasons to visit San Vito Lo Capo: since it is one of the common places for a family vacation in Southern Italy.

4. Sardinia

Sardinia Italy

This happy island in the Mediterranean Sea is a paradise on earth with beautiful beaches and a historical heritage that is priceless. Because natural beauty abounds throughout Sardinia, deciding on the finest places to see is nearly impossible. The Costa Smeralda is unquestionably the ideal destination for those seeking unbridled luxury and fun, while those seeking heavenly landscapes should visit the La Maddalena Archipelago, a collection of beautiful islands safeguarded as nature reserves.

Weather conditions: the average temperature is 27°C during sunny days
Tips to know: a better idea is to live in the local farmhouse near this city. You could rent a car and see the surroundings while going back to an oasis in the countryside every night
Things To See: just stroll through the beautiful old town and enjoy its churches and monuments of times past. Visit the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, which is Sardinia’s largest and most prominent church. For resting at the beach, go to Is Arutas made entirely of tiny quartz crystals.
Reasons for visiting in July: to integrate your sightseeing with a beach retreat.

5. Gargano

Gargano Italy

Gargano is a beautiful promontory in Northern Puglia that is surrounded by the Adriatic Sea on three sides. This National Park is popular with hikers because of its dense forest (called “Foresta Umbra”), rocky cliffs, and scenic spots. Aside from exploring the park’s many trekking trails, you should also visit the archaeological remains, which include a Christian necropolis. Another interesting location is the wetland adjacent Salso Lake that is a WWF-protected oasis that is home to many local birds. In the summer months, there is a full calendar of events & guided tours to help you learn more about this ecosystem.

Weather conditions: average temperature is 23ºC with sunny days
Tips to know: if you wish to stay by the sea and go on excursions within the park, select Vieste which is one of the major beaches in this area.
Things to See: other than checking out its many trekking trails, the archeological remains within the park such as a rock-carved paleo-Christian necropolis should also be visited. Another interesting place is the wetland close to Salt Lake, which serves as an oasis and remains guarded by WWF harboring many local birds.
Reasons for visiting in July: During summer months, there is a full calendar of events and guided tours to help learn more about this ecosystem

Foods To Try In Italy In July

Italian foods have a very unique technique. Most of the dishes use fresh ingredients. Some of the Italian foods that you must try when you reach here are-

  1. Panzanella (bread salad: you can make your Panzanella after returning home)
  2. Caprese salad – tomato and mozzarella
  3. Prosciutto e melone – cantaloupe wrapped in cured ham.
  4. Fiori di zucca – ricotta stuffed zucchini flowers fried.
  5. Granita – slushie, excellent to cool your senses on a warm summer afternoon.
  6. Insalata di finocchi e arance – fennel and orange salad.

Italy Top Events in July

  • Palio di Siena- The horse race takes place every year on July 2nd (and again on August 16th) in the Tuscan city of Siena. It consists of four days of horse racing & events within the city square, as well as a large audience’s celebration.
  • Festival of Verona Opera – Throughout the summer, nightly opera performances are held at Verona’s olden Roman Arena, the world’s largest such venue.
  • Festa Del Redentore –This festival commemorates what is referred to as the plague in 1576 that wreaked havoc on Italy. The beautiful fireworks display will be seen in the late evening near Isola San Giorgio. This place is located across the water from Piazza San Marco.
  • Umbria Jazz Festival- Jazz form of music is popular among many. You can witness the Jazz festival celebration in Italy itself on your trip. This is majorly seen in villages and Perugia.
  • Summer concerts- Though not many concerts occur during July, some important ones are the Lucca Summer Festival and Rock in Roma. The tickets and exact dates are available online. When you come in summer, indulge in plenty of things to do in Lucca, such as cycling across the streets, admiring the Roman architecture and relaxing in Baroque gardens.
  • Saldi summer sale- It occurs twice a year in January and July. Many shops sell their items out on exciting offers. So, you can take amazing souvenirs home at discounted prices.

What To Wear In Italy In July

As mentioned earlier, it is the summer season in Italy in July. So, to be comfortable, the clothing that you should wear should be light and easily dry fabric.

  1. Women may wear dresses, tank tops, shorts
  2. Men may wear shorts and short-sleeved shirts
  3. The clothes should be made of linen and cotton fabric because they dry fast, thus keeping you cool.
  4. Sunglasses for eye protection from the sun.
  5. Hats to prevent sunburns on your face
  6. Shoes or footwear that does not clog your feet
  7. A very light jacket only if you hike up the mountains.
  8. While you visit the church, you should cover yourself with a shawl, and promote modest clothing.

5 Reasons You Should Visit Italy In July

  1. Bright sunshine for a long time allows for more travel. The sun is out and bright for 15 hours, thus you do not have to worry about the daylight vanishing and you can click pictures in clear sunshine.
  2. Beach days will be so much fun. You can surf, take a swim in the sea and sunbathe peacefully. The sky is clear and the waves and sand will shine when the sunlight falls on them.
  3. Well, in July, there is no rainfall or snowfall. The mountainous areas are safer to visit too. You can use the chairlifts and the weather is pleasant enough to hike the various mountains in Italy.
  4. Italian food has always made us smack our lips. The Italian people love to eat and relax at outdoor cafes. You will find numerous ones here. You can relish pizzas, pasta, and all sorts of Italian delicacies outdoors without feeling cold.
  5. Isn’t it mandatory to shop when you are in a foreign nation? In July, a special sale goes on called the Saldi sale. This sale is live only in January and July. So, this makes another reason to visit Italy in July and shop for amazing souvenirs.

The bottom line in fact is that if the travel budget is not one’s primary constraint, if they are not bothered by crowds, and if they enjoy warm weather, July in Italy could be a great option for them. Again, plan and book as much as possible ahead of time to keep away waiting in lines, remain hydrated and sun-protected, and take breaks to recover throughout the day. Taking it slowly helps a lot and can make a trip to Italy in July a truly memorable summer.


Q1. Is July a good time to visit Italy?

Ans- Yes, July is favorable to visit Italy. It is the peak tourist season. If you are from a country where winter lasts for a longer time and is usually colder and want to vacay at a tropical place, then July is the perfect time to visit Italy.

Q2. Is It Too Hot In July In Italy?

Ans- This is a subjective question. It depends on the requirements and your desire for the vacation. If you are from a place where it's cold most of the time, then July is the perfect time to visit. However, if you are someone who belongs to a tropical place, then Italy can be visited in other months.

Q3. What seasonal fruits are available in July?

Ans- There are many seasonal fruits available like watermelon, apricots, figs, blueberries, tomatoes, zucchini, etc.

Q4. What emergency contacts should I have as my SOS?

Ans- Important contacts of Police, Ambulance, and Italian embassy.

Q5. Is it quite sunny in Italy in July?

Ans- Yes, it is better to carry sunglasses and sunscreens to protect from sun tan.

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