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Have you received your Italy Visa? You are set for the trip to Italy. Whether it is a family trip or a honeymoon, there is no place more romantic than Italy.

You must have decided on the main places of interest you wish to see even before you received your Italy visa. Like the Vatican, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Venice, Florence, etc. But I urge you to visit Lake Como. Why?  It is called the most beautiful lake in the world by “The Huffington Post” for its microclimate and environment. Not only that, the award-winning actor and director, George Clooney, has a Lake Como villa. Some other Hollywood celebrities are also known to have homes here. Bond fans will be thrilled to know that some parts of the movie, Casino Royale were filmed here. If you are still not convinced, continue reading on to find out why you should not miss visiting Lake Como.

lake como

About lake Combo

Lake Como is in Lombardy and was formed as a result of glacier activity. It has the distinction of being the third-largest lake in Italy and the fifth deepest in Europe. The lake has a unique inverted ‘Y’ shape and gets its name from the town of Como.

 How to reach there

The nearest airport is Milan Malpensa Airport. You can take a cab from Milan as it is just 80 Km away. The easiest way to reach Lake Como, however, is to catch a train from Milan.

 Best time to visit Lake Como, Italy

Though very close to the mountain ranges Grigna, Resegone, and Legnone of the Alps, Lake Como has a mild and constant climate. The most popular time to visit is from March to November, which is the peak tourist season. Tourists take advantage of the sunny, dry weather and enjoy water sports, go to the beach, etc. To enjoy the autumn colors of the trees, you must visit during October or November. In winter the temperatures are mild, between 5 and 12 degrees. The lake is as beautiful as ever. Accommodation will be cheaper at this time but some of the attractions may be unavailable.

Weather in Lake Como, Italy

Lake Como is present in the northern part of Italy. This is why, the lakeside experiences extreme climate. It is quite hot and humid during the summer season. During winter it is frosty cold. Spring season is quite pleasant. The temperature does not exceed 16 °C and there is an increase in the greenery around the lake. There is adequate rainfall during May. The autumn season is when the color of the leaves changes to a reddish-yellow color and the leaves falling off create a magical sight. As mentioned earlier, winters are quite cold and snowfall is experienced during December and January.

Where to stay & how long

If possible, stay at least for two or three days to enjoy all that Lake Como offers. There are several resort villages with good hotels and lovely views of the lake and its surroundings. The town of Cernobbio is far from the crowds of Como town, but also near it to enjoy all its attractions and facilities. Varenna is another option. Many suggest Bellagio, which can be approached by road or water. Menaggio is another wonderful place to stay, with a children’s park and necessary facilities for a pleasant stay.

Places To Visit Near Lake Como, Italy

1. Como Cathedral

The major town of Como is a combination of elegance and spiritualism. When one visits the lake, it is important to visit Como Cathedral because of its Gothic architecture. The Virgin Mary took Commission on which the Cathedral was designed in the 14th century but took them almost three centuries to complete it. The interiors of the Cathedral are stunning. The Central dome ceiling is adorned with gold filigree and other 16th-century paintings.

2. Villa Carlotta

The Villa Carlotta was constructed in the 14th century and features a gigantic Italian garden overlooking the lake and the valley. This former dwelling of the Princess of Prussia is now an art museum and beautiful botanical gardens. Situated in Tremezzo village on the lower slopes of the lake, Villa Carlotta is home to hundreds of sculpting and painting masterpieces. There are more than 150 species of foreign flora in the botanical gardens which one may just slow down and enjoy the fullness of nature. Villa has its bookshop and cafe: where one can buy a memorable object or just enjoy a drink.

3. Villa del Balbianello

Sharing the western shore of Lake Como with Villa Carlotta is the baroque estate Villa del Balbianello. The nineteenth-century property offers stunning views of the lake and towns like Bellagio and Vergonese from its various terraces. The location seems to be preferred by the movie stars either for the shooting or for the wedding at Lake Como, Italy. The villa features sculptures and glass paintings and is worth viewing to see what makes Hollywood stars go crazy about it.

4. Bellagio

Bellagio is an island town situated in the heart of the lake where the two branches of the lake meet. Bellagio is often referred to as the Pearl of Lake Como and can be reached by ferry boats from Como. It is a small but vibrant town and offers a wide array of options to entertain tourists. The town center is crowded with shops selling clothes, food, leather products and everything else. It certainly is a shopper’s haven as it also has several upscale boutiques and restaurants. A visit to the luxury hotel, Villa Serbelloni is a must for a romantic tour. You can also choose kayaking or kitesurfing in the lake.

5. Brunate Funicular

Brunate village is also known as the Balcony of the Alps due to its altitude of 700 meters above sea level and the magnificent views of the mountains and the lake that it offers. The village is known for the art nouveau villas constructed by the affluent families of two centuries ago. The 7-minute funicular ride from Como to Brunate is an adventure in itself as the incline is quite steep.

Top Activities To Do in Lake Como, Italy

1. Tour the Lake

There are many ways to tour the lake, including private rentals, group tours, and hop-on-hop-off boats. The public ferries are the best way to go on a budget, where you can get to stop where you like around the lake at your own pace. For something more intimate, perhaps it would be better to have a classy sailing boat for the day. This is how you can reach secret bays, hidden beaches, and cliffs that the public ferries do not stop at.

2. Hiking

Since Lake Como has so much natural beauty, it is perfect for hiking. A convenient alternative is the 11-kilometre Greenway del Lago di Como trail that follows the lake and passes through villages and beautiful gardens. If you are looking for something a little more difficult, Monte Grona’s summit offers breathtaking views of the lake and the surrounding mountains. If you would like to see the views but hate the hike, you can drive to Sighignola and admire the lake and valley below.

3. Explore Museums and Galleries

Lake Como has an interesting collection of museums that display the culture and history of the region. Museo della Seta is devoted to the history of the area’s silk-making with displays of old looms, fabrics, and clothing. In the 17th-century villa Carlotta museum, art lovers can enjoy a wide variety of paintings by Francesco Hayez and sculptures of Italian sculptors Antonio Canova and Luigi Acquisti.

4. Spend quality time at the villas-

As a summer destination for wealthy families, Lake Como has many magnificent villas. They date to the Renaissance and Baroque periods. Most of these are public. The Villa Monastero, a 12th-century building, is one of the places that you should go. The museum tells us about the region’s rich past and culture. The gardens are very well-managed with exotic plants, trees, fountains, statues, and terraced pathways.

5. Relax at the tranquil beaches-

There is no better place to rest during the hot and sunny days than on the lakeside. The public beach Spiaggia Pubblica di Bellagio, is present near other facilities such as restaurants and cafes. Parco Ulisse Guzzi is another wonderful place, with meadows, snack bars, picnic areas, and a white pebble beach. On the north side of the lake, there is Spiagga di Piona which is surrounded by green vegetation, and there is even a small port where you can dock your boat.

6. Hidden beautiful tourist spots

Everyone loves surprises, especially on a trip. A short hiking trail leads to the waterfall called Cascata della Troggia, which is close to Introbio. The pool is an ideal place to relax on a hot day. Further, it is also mentioned in the Codex Atlanticus by Leonardo da Vinci for those interested in history. For more tranquility in nature, go to the less-popular town of Lecco. The Regional Park of Monte Barro is not very far from here. This park features woods, pastures, and cliffs.

Reasons To Visit Lake Como In Italy

Many people come to visit this popular lake. It is surrounded by resort villages and mountains. Thus, creating an amazing view. The weather is also pleasant due to the presence of mountains. For people who wish to escape the tropical hot climate, it is a wonderful place. Car ferries and water taxis act as water transportation from one part of the lake to another. There are several fun activities that you can take part in.

 Places of interest and what to do

There are plenty of attractions around Lake Como to keep you engaged for the duration of your visit.

  • The Cathedral of Duomo is the seat of the Bishop of Como and is beautiful with its hanging tapestry and fabulous ceiling.
  • Visit the Moltrasio town, the museums in Villa Monastero and Villa Del Balbianello.
  • Ride the Funicolare. This is a single track, funicular railway, going up and down the steep mountain slope between the lakeside city of Como and the village of Brunate. Enjoy the scenic views.
  • Go for a walk from the Lake to Villa Olmo, which is a villa in neoclassical style. You will find beautiful gardens and art exhibitions that will amaze you.
  • You shouldn’t miss I Giardini di Villa Melzi, which is a national monument, built for Duke Francesco Melzi d’Eril, the assistant to Napolean. Visit its most beautiful botanical gardens with a variety of trees and plant life from across the world.
  • When you visit a lake you should always go on a boat ride. Go on a cruise or on a private boat tour to see the snow-covered Alps. Or go to explore the towns of Bellagio, Varenna, Como, etc. Visit the beautiful beaches or go surfing or windsurfing in the beautiful lake water.

Other attractions:

Como has been the center of Italy’s silk industry, and you will find beautiful silk clothing in the shops. Explore the Armani Factory outlet and look out for bargains. Or maybe, you will meet some Hollywood celebrities or friends of George Clooney, enjoying their Italian holiday.

A visit to Lake Como will take you on a trip to the past as most of the villas have been built there during the Roman times. Como’s stone-paved roads invite you to a former world of gentility. It reminds you of a world where there is time to enjoy the world around you and to appreciate nature and its beauty. Stay at Lake Como for a couple of days, revitalize yourself with the beautiful and serene yet dynamic scenic beauty, and return home refreshed and rejuvenated.


Q1. When Is The Best Time To Visit Lake Como?

Lake Como should be most ideally visited between March and November. During this time, the weather is not too hot and is mild.

Q2. What is the temperature of the water in Lake Como?

The water is icy cold. The temperature is around -5 to 20 °C.

Q3. Is it possible to swim in Lake Como, Italy?

Yes, you can swim but remember to be careful and take precautions at all times as the lake is deep.

Q4. Name some towns near Lake Como.

Some of the serene towns to visit on Lake Como include:
  1. Como
  2. Bellagio
  3. Tremezzo
  4. Lecco
  5. Bellano
  6. Menaggio
  7. Argegno
  8. Cernobbio

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