Alberobello Small Town in Italy

The big cities in every country will take all the limelight on the tourist map, and the boot-strapped country, Italy, is no different. However, if you look beyond these large and popular cities, there are small towns in Italy by the sea that can easily compete with any destination in the world for their great charm and incredible beauty. We bring you a bunch of the prettiest small towns in Italy that you should look to explore if you ever drop over to this beautiful country anytime in the year.


Volterra is a small town in Tuscany, one of the Italian regions on the tourist map. Located to the southwest of Florence, Volterra is one of the prettiest small towns in Italy that can give you a wonderful feel of the rich Italian cultural heritage. Structures dating back to medieval times, including the iconic ruins of the Palazzo Pretorio and Palazzo dei Priori. Don’t miss the 12th-century Santa Maria Assunta Cathedral. Other popular spots not to be missed are Guarnacci Etruscan Museum and the Medici Fortress hilltop for some fascinating views.


Porto Ercole

Features among the prettiest small towns in Italy. Placed in the popular Tuscany region, the town features beautiful natural vistas where the landscapes are decorated with sailors laying their fishing nets on the harbourside. Unique beauty and plenty of privacy moments are a guarantee due to the unexplored nature of this destination. You could try hiking up to the Torre di Capo d’Uomo for some awesome panoramic views from the top if you got your hiking shoes along.

Porto Ercole Italy


One of the prettiest small towns in Italy by the sea is placed on the Amalfi Coast – the western Italian coast with easy access from popular cities like Pompeii, Salerno, Capri, and Naples. Positano experiences a mild Mediterranean climate with temperate summer and warm winters, greatly influenced by the neighboring sea. The landscape is decorated with colorful buildings, cliffs, art galleries, vibrant shops on the streets, and delightful eat-outs. It is one of the renowned small towns in Italy for food. Popular activities in the region include snorkeling, kayaking, paddleboarding, and scuba diving.

Positano Italy


Valdobbiadene is one of the best small towns in Italy for food. This region is very popular for its wine production, especially prosecco. Taking a road trip to the neighboring Canegliano is called the Prosecco Road due to the numerous vineyards and their wine-tasting rooms. All these vineyards are family-run businesses and run on a small scale only. The most recommended ones are Ruggieri, Gregoletto, and Osteria Senz’Oste. The town is also nestled and decorated among a lush green mountainous terrain that gives you unparallel views to die for.

Valdobbiadene Italy


A small Italian town placed in the southern region of Puglia is popular for its white-tapped and cone-shaped structures that decorate the cityscape that led to it being named in the UNESCO World Heritage Site list. If you want to add something to your souvenir collection, Alberobello Market is the perfect destination to capture some amazing souvenirs of the Italian culture. Rione Monti Quarter is one of the region’s frequently visited spots, with Chiesa di Sant’ Antonio Trullo church being the most popular on the itinerary list.

Alberobello Italy


The locals fondly know this small town on the Tyrrhenian sea coast as the Coasta Degli Dei, the Coast of Gods. Several resorts decorate the sprawling coast giving you instant natural vistas. Don’t miss out on visiting the Santa Maria dell’ Isola monastery nestled atop the rocky cliffs for some fascinating top views. Marvelous cliffside shops and traditional aristocratic palaces from the 17th & 18th centuries decorate the landscape of this small Italian town.

Tropea Italy


A small town in Italy by the sea, Corricella would have never featured in any itinerary. Situated on the Procida coastline, most of the Corricella is unexplored and waiting to be discovered by the tourist population. Enjoy fisherman plying their trade and the colorful, vibrant houses that will take back in time. The Santa Maria Delle Grazie church in Corricella was built in the 16th century; if you want some unparallel views of the incredible landscape, head atop Terra Murata.

Corricella Italy

Santa Maddalena

This small town is placed at the foot of the Odle Mountain Group of the popular Dolomites. Due to its mountainous terrain, the mountain tower gives you unforgettable views of the entire town. The population is less than 400 takes you away from the busy city life. The Santa Maddalena Church interiors and exteriors are perfect for all photographers. Hiking is a popular activity in the summers, and skiing is equally popular.

Santa Maddalena


Sitting on the Lake Como eastern coast, this small town will easily feature as the best small town to live in Italy due to its easy access to major cities like Milan and being placed on the Swizz border. The Schengen visa will also give you access to travel to the Swiz regions. Lake Como, Villa Monastero, Castello di Vezio, and the city center form the core visiting blocks in Varenna. Other spots to explore are Villa Monastero, Riva Grande, Casa Museo museum, and Piazza San Giorgio.

Varenna Italy


A small beautiful Italian town is popular for its Balsamic vinegar. The northern Italian food culture is one of the most celebrated activities. Being the birthplace of Enzo Ferrari and Tortellini has been its previous claims to fame. The Ferrari Museum is a popular spot to explore more about cars. Vinegar sampling is a popular activity here. Try some unique testing vinegar flavors aged between 10-25 years.

The incredible beauty of the small towns in Italy by the sea can be overwhelming at times. A wonderful way to move away from the bustle and hustle of the larger Italian cities. Create your path and recharge and rejuvenate your batteries.

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