Experience the magic of the Amalfi coast of Italy with spectacular indulgence. You will definitely be caught breathless seeing the beauty of the beautiful Amalfi Coast set on the Mediterranean coastline.

Things to do in Amalfi Coast Italy can be at times overwhelming. Choosing one of the towns to spend your time would depend on what all you can indulge in during your Amalfi Coast holidays. An array of small towns surrounds the Amalfi Coast. The Coast is popular for its natural scenic beauty and landscapes which welcome tourists and visitors from all faces of life all through the year. Age old art, history and culture is awaiting you as you decide on what to do on the Amalfi coast. The part of the Campania region has even featured on the UNESCO’s World Heritage List. You are welcome to visit and explore unique and unforgettable places such as Positano, Ravello, and Maiori during your visit. Amalfi offers a not to miss experience in Italy and is definitely one of the places to visit in Italy.

Some of the must-visit places to check out in Amalfi coast: 



Popularly termed as the Spirit Homeland by the locals, the amazing landscape and the quality of the historical monuments and villas carry a charm since centuries. The European artists look forward to this place for inspiration. Ravello had reached its splendor with various commercial activities in its history before being devastated by many wars. Ravello has gained significant tourist importance since the war regime and artists and intellectuals from all around the globe have made this as a tourist’s hub. The Villa Rufolo, Villa Cimbrone, and the Cathedral are definitely some of the places which you should never miss out.

2.Duomo Town

Duomo Town

There is a reason why so many people visit this towering town in Amalfi. The iconic Cathedral still remains the property of the Apostle, St. Andrew from the Constantine period during the Crusades. The Cathedral still remains a popular destination for tourists, visitors, and even locals. Some of the must-see things to check out are the cast in Constantinople in the 11th century, elaborate bronze doors, and the 9th-century Basilica of the Crucifix. You need not be a relics’ origins to appreciate the beauty of this place.


The Cathedral situated in the charming Piazza del Duomo represents a fortress with its austere stone façade, a gigantic bell tower, and the crenellation. Dedicated to Saint Nicola, the cathedral interiors has a Latin cross with three naves and apses. The central nave is supported by six monolithic columns equally distributed on either sides or a pink marble surmounted by decorated capitals. With the exteriors being decorated by two single light and a small rose window, you will not stop admiring the ancient 16th century built fountain that was built on the circular terraces encircled by four pretty fountains. Other popular destinations to check are Spiaggia di Laurito, one of the spectacular places located approximately 2 miles from the center of Positano.



One of the characteristic villages on the Amalfi coast, origins of Maiori is still being explored. Home to the longest beach on the Mediterranean peninsula. You can explore and discover natural beauties and indulge in gastronomical and religious paths. Some of the popular iconic monuments which you should never miss out are Collegiata of St. Maria, the castle of St. Nicola de Thoro-Plano. You can also dive into the fresh deep-blue sea or visit one of the ancient caves if you are an adventure junkie. Some of the popular caves here are the Grotta di Pandora and Grotta Sulfurea.

5.Castello di Arechi, Salerno

Castello di Arechi, Salerno

The Arechi Castle offers breathtaking views of the city. Placed on top of a hill, this 8th-century monument offers stunning views of Salerno and the Mediterranean. The castle is also home to a popular museum where you can get great artifacts from the rich history of Amalfi such as coins and ceramics. It also plays hosts to many summer concerts.

6.Sentiero Degli Dei

Sentiero Degli Dei

The Sentiero Degli Dei is a great place to catch up for some hiking activities. As you travel to the top, you will get to see spectacular views of the vineyard, caves, and a gorge. The path kicks-off from Bomerano, which is a village in the mountains between Sorrento and Amalfi. Get away from the crowded bunch of tourists and visitors, as the path never gets crowded apart from the peak tourist season.

7.Vietri Sul Mare

Vietri Sul Mare

Known as the first pearl of the Amalfi coast and also the ceramic city. Master ceramists guard their trade secrets and pass on their future generations. You also get a gorgeous collection of ceramics in the Museum of Ceramic of Villa Guariglia in Raito or the Museum Cargaleiro. A walk down the streets of the city would show the importance of ceramics to Vietri Sul mare. The house walls are decorated with scintillating tiles. The church of San Giovanni Battista has a marvelous majolica tiled dome.

Amalfi coast not only offers breathtaking views, beautiful natural landscapes, awesome delicacies, and a rich history to explore and discover. Amalfi definitely would offer unforgettable and cherished memories throughout your trip and you will be in awe seeing the natural scenery. Get in touch with our travel experts to know more about you Italy visa.

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