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Great food accompanied with fabulous wine, amazing countryside and a history that always opens up something new every time – That is tourism in Italy for you. Avid travellers will claim that a vacation to Italy is a must in a life time. You are sure to love it; every time you pay a visit here.

The beautiful vineyards present in Florence, the wonderfully done ancient streets present in Rome, laid back yet soothing nature experienced in Southern Italy, gorgeous locales and villages of Cinque Terre, or the ever so romantic destination of Venice; you can have loads to explore suiting your taste when in Italy. However, rushing with family or loved one to this amazing place is a big NO. Rather, exploring it slowly while feeling the real wonders is the way to go.

If you are a resident of Dubai and really interested in visiting Italy, then the primary requirement will be to obtain an Italy visit visa. If your intent is to go there on a business need, then an Italy business visa will be necessitated. So Italy tourism aspirants need to follow the steps provided below in order to submit their visa applications and ensure positive outcomes.

Italy Visa

Here are a few Steps to simplify the process of obtaining visa to Italy in Dubai:

1.Getting hold of Italy visa application form

Application form for Italy visa can be downloaded from the Consulate website or help needs to be availed of from some reputed travel agency. Once the form is in your possession, filling required details and then taking prints of this form is the next step before you submit this application to the consulate office. Do not forget to sign the application form before submitting. Fees for the Italy travel visa will need to be paid at the centre.

You also have the option to apply online. If this is chosen, then post filling of details and submission online, fees for the proceeding need to be paid online. The receipt for the same can be printed.

2.Supporting documents

With you application form, submitting cover letter stating duration of Italy travel along with itinerary is necessary. Additionally, you need to also attach invitation letter from Italian host in case applying for Italy business visa, or else copy of hotel booking confirmation in case of Italy tourist visa. Applicants will also need to furnish finance proof that includes pay slips and bank statements for six months prior to application.

3.Application for minors

If the application of visa for Italy is for minors, you will require the form to be signed by both parents along with attaching child’s birth certificate. Both parents will need to furnish their passport copies accompanied with signed affidavit if child will travel alone.

4.Visit centre and ensure documentation is clear

Applicants for Italy travel visa are guided to one counter at the application centre. Here the officer for submission will then verify all your documents based on compliance and presence. If it is noted that there is some discrepancy or incompleteness in the documentation, applicants are requested to fulfil the necessary things accordingly. However, this is a tiresome process as if such a situation arises; applicants will need to apply for fresh appointment. Hence, getting in touch with experts such as Italy visa agency is always recommended to ensure that you don’t falter in this documentation work.

5.Making payment

If your application is found to be perfect according to guidelines, submission officers then proceed for collecting your visa payment; if this is already not made via online medium initially. Remember that valid photographs and passport will be needed with your application. Services charges for the same are added along with any other form of charges in lieu of added services that add value are opted for. You can pay these charges via debit or credit card too if you don’t want to make cash payments. Invoice or a receipt can be collected at passport collection time.`

6.Tracking application

Once you have applied for Italy tourism visa, you application can be easily tracked via the website where you filled details online. You will need to enter some key details such as passport number along with birth date for purpose of verification.

7.Getting back passport

Once your application for Italy tourist visa has been accepted and processed by Consulate, you will receive an SMS (only if applied for) and a notification via email is sent to you. This email will request applicants to visit application centre accompanied with their payment receipt for collecting passport. During application, you have option to select receipt of your passport via courier. If this is the case, your passport will be couriered to your residence.

Remember that Italy tourism can only be enjoyed if you perfectly fulfil all the steps provided above and obtain an Italy visa. Though the process is easy if you are able to gather documentation and follow steps, there still can be minor incidences that may lead to rejection of your Schengen visa. This is where professional guidance from travel experts such as Italy visa processing center will prove helpful.

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