Positano beaches

Beaches are a wonderful way to refresh yourself and easily make it to every traveller’s want list. Positano, one of the most picturesque towns in Amalfi, Italy, brings in gorgeous beaches that will relax your mind to move away from the hustles and bustles of busy city life. Often referred to as the Jewel of the Amalfi Coast, the Positano beaches are decorated with an Italian seaside backdrop, carefully perched pastel homes, and several other attractive indulgences that continue to charm the tourist world for several decades. We bring you some of the best Positano beaches that this gorgeous town offers that should be on your itinerary list if you travel to Positano.

How to access the beaches?

The best beaches in Positano are accessible by boat. The private beach is the best option if you are looking for some private secluded moments. The boat ride also gives you beautiful views of the shoreline and the surrounding mountains as you move towards the beach island.

Arienzo Beach

The locals fondly call it the 300-step beach as you are welcomed with a 300-step climb from the Strada Statale to experience the shore live. The beach itself gives a fascinating view of the Italian coastline. The switchback ramps are loaded with green elements giving you a refreshing view. You will also get to view the most luxurious villas on the coastline, which are generally hidden by the sharp mountain corners. Arienzo is one of the best Positano Italy beaches that offers a completely rejuvenating experience. This beach also has private and public access areas defined.

Fiumicello Beach

Among the best beaches in Positano, Fiumicello beach offers ample space to enjoy the beach’s warmth. Being away in the outskirts of Positano, this beach is ideal for some peace and serenity. A boat is a preferred mode to reach the beach as you get on a 3-hour ride while browsing the natural coastline vistas. This Positano beach offers a refreshing break from the bustles and hustles of a city.

Fornillo Beach

This tiny Positano beach fits your criteria perfectly for a romantic getaway. Fronillo beach is known for its gorgeous setting and housing a series of bread-baking furnaces, which led to its name. The neighbourhood provides easy access for some much-needed intimacy and privacy, stretching towards the west away from the Positano dock. A wonderful place if you are not the typical crowd person. Fornillo Lido manages the beach completely and caters to all customer demands like beach chairs, sunbeds, sunshade umbrellas, and others.

Fiordo di Crapolla

Placed on the outskirts of Positano on a cliff base surrounded by white rock walls via a 30 minutes drive that eventually leads to a lesser crowd providing you with the perfect opportunity for a wonderful beach day experience. A wonderful Positano beach offers you plenty of secluded space and a private oasis for some great fun. However, be prepared to also spend some time searching due to its secluded location.

Furore Di Fiordo

Placed under the highway connecting Amalfi and Positano, Furore Di Fiordo is considered a Positano beach even though it is on the outskirts of Positano, accessible by bus or car. A great place for some privacy and secluded moments. Use the cliffside stairs from the highway that takes you straight to the swimming area of the beach. You can enjoy a wonderful time here on this small southern Italy beach by indulging in hiking or swimming during the summer and enjoying unparalleled views during the winter.

La Porta Beach

A spacious Positano beach where you can easily find a cosy spot for sunbathing and enjoying a day at the beach. The beach is accessible only via boat; hence, this place never gets overcrowded. Nestled between white rocks and blue waters, this is a beautiful spot to swim and relax in a spacious setting. Don’t forget to get your own sunbeds and towels as they are unavailable for rent.

Laurito Beach

Placed on the smallest islands of Positano and accessed through downward steps from Hotel San Pietro, this Positano beach is a haven for locals and tourists alike. A place people look forward to some peace and serenity. The name has been derived from the several wild laurel shrubs growing on the beach sands. Two independent businesses operate and manage this beach. Da Adolfo is a family-run eatery that also runs a shuttle gondola every 30 minutes are one of the managing partners. They are popular for their lip-smacking fish delicacies.

Marina Grande Beach

Marina Grande Beach features among the best beaches in Positano, with colourful dotted umbrellas decorating the 300-m coastline. A single lido named L”Incanto provides its guests with umbrellas, beach stools & chairs, sun beds, changing rooms, shower rooms, and a café to offer a completely relaxing experience. Spiaggia liberal, the free portion of the beach allows you to enjoy all the Positano Italy beach benefits from a relaxed picnic to the perfect sunbathing spot without paying a penny. You can also look to explore boat excursions to and from Capri and other tiny coves. Scogliera, a topless terrace at one end of the beach, acts as a topless sunny deck during the daytime and transforms into a vibrant nightclub post-sunset.

Torre di Clavel Beach

A charming Positano beach that houses the iconic 16th-century watchtower. The watchtower has been carefully preserved and still manages to maintain its charm and a beautiful backdrop to the beach. Beautiful surroundings are vying for attention and can easily be explored via boats. You can purchase beach chairs and umbrellas from a small part of the beach for relaxed fun.

Marina di Tordigliano Beach

One of the largest Positano beaches is placed just 4 km from Positano. This is lavishly spread over 350 meters wide and has been vying for human attention for ages. The local authorities have not lingered much with the natural settings, so they expect everything in its natural state. Due to this, you get to witness a much lesser crowd anytime in the year. A visit is totally worth it as it offers a relaxing experience.

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