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Capri Island is a gorgeous island on the southern Italian coastline, synonymous with a holiday and touristy experience. Many visitors and tourists who travel to Italy for a relaxing break head to a Capri Day trip from Sorrento for its spectacular mountains, stylish white houses, ultra-luxurious hotels, fascinating designer shops, gorgeous beaches, iconic rock formations, and several other indulgences to lighten up all moods across all age groups. Book your Italy visa today and get your ticket to a day trip to Capri from Sorrento. The mind-blowing natural vistas and mild Mediterranean weather make Capri Island an ideal tourist holiday destination. We have gathered some key points to make the best of your Sorrento Capri trip.


There are two halves to Capri Island: the Capri Town, placed in the eastern part of the Island, and the center and the Ana Capri, on the western part of the Island. Capri Town is more lively, vibrant, and buzzing with busy shops, nightlife, and restaurants. Ana Capri, on the other hand, is a laid-back, cheaper, quieter, and perfect destination for some peace and privacy. So get ready to embark on Sorrento Capri’s eventful day journey.

Getting to Capri Island from Sorrento

Boat tours

Capri Island boat tour

Booking a boat tour from Sorrento to Capri is the best option for a day trip. You will find several travel partners where you get options for both a private tour and a shared excursion. Boat tours can start from 50-100 Euros, with the cost varying depending on the customization of the trip. The best part of this tour is that each day’s tour will carry something unique and different about itself, most of which will be the boat tour around Capri Island and the remaining time on the Island itself. You can also opt for a visit or browse through the iconic blue and white grotto.


ferries capri island

If you want to plan your own itinerary for a cost-effective solution, it would be best to catch a ferry from the Sorrento harbor. Ensure you have booked the tickets in advance, as it will help you beat the queue and be a smart traveler. You can even choose to buy the tickets from the Sorrento ferry port right before you travel. Two ferry companies run trips both ways several times that would charge you starting from 35 Euros. The ferry ride from Sorrento to Capri lasts for about 20 minutes. The trip can be hectic, chaotic, and swelled up if you have opted to travel or return at a peak.

Getting Around

As you move from Sorrento to Capri, you would like to travel around Capri efficiently to make the most of your limited time. Walking is one option till the central Piazzetta, but the mountainous terrain will make it hard and tiring.

Funicular cable car

Funicular cable car italy

You can walk to the central Piazzetta or book a funicular cable car at the Marina Grande that will land you at the square in hardly five minutes. This funicular frequently runs every 15 minutes through the day and charges only 4-5 Euros per ride.

Public Buses

Several buses running to Capri Island from Sorrento will take you to the Capri beaches. If you are running on a budget, use the public bus services. These public minibusses are cost-effective and can easily accommodate a small number of people.

Top Things to do on your Sorrento-Capri day trip

As you will not have a whole day to cover Capri, the best activities will help you uncover Capri to its fullest and make the best out of your day trip.

Boat trip to Blue Grotto

Blue Grotto

The iconic Blue Grotto on the Capri Island coastline is something you should not miss, no matter how much time you have at Capri Island. You can catch a public bus from Ana Capri or take a boat from Marina Grande to reach Blue Grotto. The Blue Grotto is a small cave where the water reflections create a blue illumination on the cave interiors. This is at its very best when the sun hits its peak. The entry is chargeable, and now a cultural center is accessible only via a wooden rowboat.

Browse through the gorgeous beaches

Capri Beach Italy

Your Sorrento Capri day trip will be marked incomplete if you have not shelled out some time in the sun’s warmth. The famous Capri beaches are just a walk away from the Capri town towards the southern side of the Island in the direction of Marina Piccolo. It is said that this is the destination where Sirens seduced Ulysses. You will have a fun time exploring and playing around in the pebbly sand and crystal-clear water, so clear that you can even see the fish sailing around. Don’t miss the iconic water arch and the limestone rock formations where you can climb or jump from.

If you are a typical water baby and want more time at the beach, we recommend you pay for an entry at the beach club. Get ready to be spoilt for choices with the different beach clubs. Each beach club has different amenities; hence, the cost also varies. Research well about the beach club you want to explore. There are overcrowded public areas that are free to access. You may have to wait a bit to get a spot, but it’s worth saving some pennies if you want to explore the core and spend it on the right indulgence.

Explore the Gardens of Augustus

Don’t miss this destination unless time is not on your side during your day trip to Capri from Sorrento. You can take a bus following the Via Via Vittorio Emanuele to Via Federico Serena and switch to the one heading to Via Matteotti. Nestled between the beautiful Bay of Marina Piccola and Via Krupp along the Faraglioni rocks on either end, this fabulous series of panoramic flower-decked terraces are extremely popular among the tourist population. Visit early morning or late evening to venture out at your own pace. This destination is perfect for some Instagram shots. There is a nominal charge of entry for all visitors.

Cheers at the Lighthouse


The stunning sunset setting into the Mediterranean Sea from the Punta Carena lighthouse is a sight. If you arrive by afternoon, you can enjoy a dip in the sea, sunbathe for a couple of hours in the sun’s warmth, and finally sip a smooth cocktail as you witness the sun setting down. The most popular beach cafes to enjoy a drink and sunset views are Maliblu and Da Antonio.

Explore the Piazzetta square

The first place you will land is from the funicular cable car or a short walk. This place is blessed with mind-blowing views across the Island, and there are plenty of opportunities to unwind, shop, and dine around. There are plenty of designer and boutique shops where you will be surprised by the options available at your disposal. In between your shopping journey, relish a puff or a pastry by stopping over at a charming café nearby.

Monte Solaro chair lift

Among the best indulgence in Capri Island, the chair lift to Monte Solaro gives you instant access to incredible natural vistas throughout your journey. You would love to start your Instagram live story to capture the beauty around you. Head to Piazza Vittoria in Ana Capri, easily accessible via a public bus. You will reach the chair lift destination as you take the stairs down.

Walking is another option you can look to explore if you have the strength and agility to walk for an hour. However, we recommend you utilize your time to the fullest as you only have a day to explore Capri Island. The amazing chairlift will raise your almost 590 meters above sea level for a 15-minute ride to the summit. The opening times for the chair lift is usually between 9:30 am – 5:30 pm, costing 12 euro in return.

Walk down towards Tragara and much beyond

You can enjoy a short walk from the Piazzetta towards the Hotel Quisisana to browse through several luxury boutique stores along your way. Finally, you will land at the beautiful Tragara at the end of the road. You will find the most amazing gardens of the stunning villas and hotels on Capri Island, with colorful bougainvillea and sweet jasmine decorating the landscape as you enjoy scenic views overlooking the Faraglioni rock formations. If you are still into walking, proceed till you reach Pizzolungo.

Travel tips

  • Capri can be a touch more expensive than your original budget. Much more expensive than visiting the exotic Amalfi coast. The cost here applies to cafes, shops, indulgences, and much more. So, rack up or save a budget for visiting this Island.
  • Use the cable train, so you don’t waste your exploration time traveling.
  • Try accessing the public areas either early or late in the evening. At peak times, the crowd swells up fast.
  • On getting off the ferry, ensure to mark your bearings right. You may not find it easy to catch your return as there is a huge crowd, and it sometimes becomes chaotic.

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