Things to do in Italy

Did you just think about planning a trip to Italy, the front runner in European tourism? Italy is the one nation that can single-handedly bear the weight of all tourism in Europe.

Blessed with a long Mediterranean coastline, it is the most charming destination in Europe. Every place in Italy is capable of making travelers fall in love at first sight!

Is it accessible to enter and travel in Italy?

Italy is also served by air with flights from all across the world. Major airports are Rome Fiumicino (officially Leonardo da Vinci), Milan Malpensa, intercontinental gateways, and Venice Marco Polo; also Pisa International for Florence and Tuscany, Naples iInternationalCatania is Sicily’s busiest airport. The rail and bus links are also very good, especially to northern Italy, while ferries link Italian ports on services from across the Mediterranean.

When you add the best cities to visit in Italy on your explore list, travel by the efficient trains. The rail system is cheap and convenient. While buses come second to rail where there is a mountainous landscape or hilly lands. For outlying areas, you’re going to need a car. Public transport is fairly good in most major cities but you walk the historic centers of many with great ease.

How Much Time Do I Need To Visit Italy?

Realistically, you’ll require more than two or three days in the major cities including Rome, Florence, and Venice. That won’t give you enough time to take everything but it will enable you to become acquainted with the place and enjoy some of its high-profile attractions.

If you are comfortable with going fast, Italy’s major highlights can be seen in a whirlwind 10-day tour. That will give you around two days each in Venice and Florence, a day in Bologna Pisa likewise Naples alongside three days in Rome. Or you could narrow your focus to a specific region. For instance, a week could be spent in southern Tuscany and parts of nearby Umbria or through the baroque southeast of Sicily.

10-Step Checklist For Planning A Trip To Italy

  1. Check visa requirements – Understanding your visa eligibility is one of the crucial things to know before visit to Italy. Always check the updated Italy visa document requirements on the official website. As Italy is part of the Schengen zone, it needn’t have a visa other than the Schengen alone. Additionally, you can travel visa-free for 90 days.
  2. Book Your Flight Tickets –The international flight booking information should be checked before booking. You can compare the rates for traveling to Rome, Venice, Naples, and Milan.
  3. Plan your travel itinerary – Decide the amount of time you want to be in Italy. This can be calculated by adding Italy travel itinerary time to travel time. For experiencing a classic first time in Italy, places like Rome, and Venice form the best option. If you want to picnic by a lake, then Lake Como is the one. Beach lovers can go to Sicily, Sardinia, or Puglia.
  4. Calculate and finalize the travel budget – After planning your entire travel itinerary, you can calculate the amount of money spent each day by dividing the travel budget by the number of days you are staying in Italy.
  5. Pre-book your tickets – Italy is visited by many people so it is wise to book all the events and activity tickets that you wish to see in advance. If you don’t do so, the seats might get booked. The tickets can be bought online.
  6. Book hotel or accommodation – These need not be booked in advance if you are willing to stay in bigger cities like Rome and Venice. There are many hotel options available there. But, in small towns, with less accommodation, it is good to book in advance.
  7. Decide how you are going to travel between cities – There are 3 major options. Car rental services require you to have an international driving license. The cost of high-speed train tickets increases with time, so book them before the expected date.
  8. Know a bit of Italian language – Going to a country, you should know a certain part of their language. Although English is commonly spoken, some locals might not speak in English. So you can learn a few words to sound welcoming like Ciao which means Hello. Bueno Sera means Good evening. Grazie means thank you.
  9. Pack essential things – While packing bags, you should not panic as you can find most things in Italy. However, these things are recommended to pack-
  • Travel adaptors
  • Day Pack/ Backpack
  • Umbrella
  • Reusable water bottle
  • Hand sanitizer
  1. Buy travel insurance – It is always better to keep precautions while going on a trip to any country. Travel insurance protects from any unexpected emergency like accidents, money loss, theft, etc.

7 Things To Know While Planning Your Trip To Italy

  1. Do not always consider Google Maps to lead the way – It is important to gather relevant information about the place and route you are visiting. Google Maps also considers routes containing thinner streets, coastlines, rugged roads, etc.
  2. Remember to validate your train ticket – Train travel really saves time. However, it is mentioned in your train ticket that says to validate your train ticket in the machine with yellow and green color coding. If you forget to do this, you might have to pay €50 fine.
  3. Daily specials might have a special cost – Pizza, Pasta, and many types of bread are served in Italian restaurants. Also, every restaurant has a special menu. You might be tempted to order that, but it is wise to ask for the price or stay away to not exceed your budget.
  4. Do not pack too much – All of us do want to pack many things when we are traveling outside. But, Italy’s streets have worn down due to heavy luggage going through them. Also, you need extra space to keep the things or souvenirs that you will take home from here.
  5. Avoid restaurants where you will find waiters to welcome – Many such restaurants undoubtedly have a good welcoming service, but it is better to avoid them because they serve small portions at a very high price. Most menu items will differ from what you wish to try.
  6. Pre-book your tickets – Italy is visited by many people so it is wise to book all the events and activity tickets that you wish to see in advance. If you don’t do so, the seats might get booked. The tickets can be bought online.
  7. Carry cash as well as cards to pay your bills and expenses. Sometimes due to internal errors, the card might not work. In such cases, it is helpful to keep some cash in hand.

Best Places To Visit In Italy 

From Rome to Venice, places in Italy are world famous for their stunning landscape, trendy fashion and exclusive cuisines. Let’s have a quick look at some of them.

1.Rome, the Capital

A view of Rome from Piazza

A visit to Rome is an inevitable part of your Italy tours. The seat of Roman Empire of bygone eras, this city still has a lot of relics of the past. From ancient colossal structures and stunning cathedrals to Renaissance architecture, every corner of Rome has something to tell. Colosseum, the largest amphitheater that was ever built, is the pride of Rome. An amazing structure that could hold more than 50,000 spectators, built in those days when technology was unheard of! Pay a visit and you will agree, Rome was not built in a day!!

Things to see : The Colosseum, Trastevere neighborhood, Vatican City, and museum.
Insider tip : Do sightseeing in the early morning hours or in the evening to avoid crowds.

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2.Venice, the floating paradise

Venice the floating city

A city that deserves a prominent place in every Italy trip planner, Venice is the romantic charm of Italy. It is an archipelago of over 100 small islands connected by exquisite bridges and pretty canals. Take a ride through the waters to experience Venice in all its magnificence. St. Mark’s Basilica and Grand Canal in Venice are not being missed. The lively, bustling waterways have made the name Venice an icon for water-surrounded towns all over the world. Remember Venice of the East or Alappuzha that stays close to the famous Munnar hillstations, the tiny counterpart of this magnificent city, located in the other corner of the world?

Things to see : Piazza San Marco, Basilica di San Marco,
Insider tip : Explore underrated sites like Cannaregio, and eat the local cuisine.

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3.Milan for fashionistas


When planning a trip to Italy, do not ignore Milan, especially if you are a fashion freak. One of the wealthiest cities of Europe, Milan is the ultimate destination for fashion lovers, designers and models alike. Milan is also home to world’s largest Gothic cathedral. Walk along the streets of Milan and feel the urban cool soothing you. And who knows, you might bump into some supermodel!

Things to see : Museo Nazionale Archipelago, Capella Sansevero
Insider tip : eat traditional Neapolitan pizza and visit Spaccanapoli for more historical

4.Tuscany, all green

Tuscany Landscape

Tuscany, one of the best tourist attractions in Italy, is an exotic hilly destination. Abundant in olive farms, vineyards and cypress trees, Tuscany is all green as far as the eyes can see. Wine tasting in Tuscany has to be included in your Italy trip planner. Tuscany is also famous for Renaissance art forms, so grab some curios made of leather or wood. The famous Leaning Tower of Pisa is also part of Tuscan area.

Things to see : Leaning Tower of Pisa, Uffizi Gallery, Sienna’s Piazza del Campom
Insider tip : Visit local wineries and San Gimignano and Cortona to know the past life.

5.Amalfi Coast for water views

Amalfi Coast, Italy

Known for its exotic ocean views, Amalfi coast is the must visit destination for all with an inclination for oceans. Located along the Mediterranean coasts, Amalfi is an amalgamation of rocky beaches, rugged cliffs and multicolored villas and resorts. A perfect place to unwind on the waterfront with tall cliffs in the background. Mostly consisting of upscale resorts and hotels, make sure that you have your wallets full while heading here. Nevertheless, it is an integral part of all Italy tours.

Things to see : Positano’s colorful houses, Amalfi Museum, Ravello’s gardens
Insider tip :Explore

9 Big Mistakes To Avoid While Planning Your Trip To Italy

1. Allowing major time to tour Rome : Rome is the capital city and of course, it is among the best places to visit here. But, if you are on a low budget or are here for a very short time, then it is best to give a few days to Rome and then tour other parts too to get the most of the travel experience. Rome does have many good things to offer, but to underestimate other parts is not a good idea.

2. Do not Burn Yourself Out while touring Italy : It means that it is not best to plan a bunch of things in a single trip. Whenever you plan your trip to any country, you must realize the motive of your trip. For example to see the scenery, to see the old city or new city, etc. Once done, you must plan your trips in such a way that you spend quality time on each activity. Planning numerous things and doing them in a hurry will get you nowhere.

3. Avoiding to trust public transport : Italy is well connected through public transport. You might have trust issues with the public transport in your city, but it is a mistake to avoid public transport in Italy. Metros and buses run at regular intervals to take you to any part of the city. Similarly, trains can help you go from one city to the next. The best part is, it is quite cheap. So, you save money on your travel trip.

4. Buying an expensive cell plan : Internet connection and calls are a necessity wherever you are. But, investing in an expensive international plan for your SIM card is a total waste. Buy a local SIM and recharge a minimum amount. This sim card costs around $25 for thirty days of usage and comes with 4G speeds and 15GB of data usage.

5. Travelling to Italy only during the peak summer season : Summer is said to be quite pleasant and attracts a lot of tourists. Most sightseeing places are crowded. Prices of a lot of things like hotel and flight bookings are high. AC rooms in hotels are a must to survive the heat. Therefore, if you want to travel on a budget, then the best is to visit during the off-tourist time. The weather is not hot so even non-AC rooms work. It is not as crowded so you can roam about peacefully. The mountains might be a bit snowy, but even there you can go skiing and sledding. Italy is such a place that you can visit anytime during the entire year.

6. Avoiding to rent a car : Yes, public transport is affordable. However, if you require another mode of travel that is more convenient than this option then it would be better to hire a car. You can use to compare rates found on popular car rental websites such as Hertz, Sixt Europcar Alamo Dollar Enterprise, and others throughout the world today for your convenience. With a rented car service, you have the freedom to pause for a meal or to freshen up. Go out and return to your accommodation as per your desire.

7. Visiting only the top spots but not anywhere else : You must do your research while you plan a trip to any place. Famous places like Venice, Rome, and Naples are a must-visit. But the essence of a travel trip lies in exploring the hidden spots. Some places are underrated and hence give a unique experience. Thus, if you see some spot and have this urge to explore, you should visit. Even the small towns in Florence or other parts of Italy have a lot to offer. For example, you can book a Tuscany trip itinerary to visit a quiet town in Florence.

8. Not Making a Budget Plan Before Travelling : One of the things to never do in Italy is to go on a holiday without budgetary guidance. While planning any trip, you must know the flight ticket prices, and hotel accommodation booking prices and plan out accordingly. Then, you need to consider the prices of visiting the sightseeing places and the food costs. You must also keep in mind the free things that you can do in Italy so that your trip does not cross the budget and becomes memorable.

9. Not Remembering To Book Tickets in Advance : Italy is quite a popular tourist place. To regulate the crowd, a certain number of people can visit. Thus, you must book the tickets to all the activities that you want to enjoy and which allow pre-booking. For example, visiting the Colosseum in Rome. This also helps in planning a budget and knowing the expenses. Wine-tasting activities in wineries and any activity that requires a ticket should be booked before.

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Tips for planning a trip to Italy

Knowing a few things about the land where you are traversing will ease your travel. It might also save you from embarrassment caused by ignorance of local traditions.

  • Italy, known for culinary excellence, is made of different small regions, each of which has a regional delicacy. When ordering Italian food, make sure that you are not missing out on the typical delicacies of each place where you go.
  • Italians are famous for taking afternoon siestas. Don’t be disappointed if you find shops with closed shutters in the afternoon. Satisfy your hunger pangs well in time.
  • When planning a trip to Italy, make sure to do some research on the history of the country. Italy has a history older than the Roman Empire. Mark all important places beforehand.
  • While traveling by trains, it is not enough to just buy tickets. You need to validate these tickets at the validation machines provided on the rail platforms. If you don’t, be ready to shell out a hefty fine.
  • One interesting and agreeable aspect of Italians is that they consider dining as an important social activity, and not just a quick way to fill tummies. So when in restaurants in Italy, don’t worry about being seated for hours. You can enjoy your food and gossips as much as you want, no unpleasant stares from passing waiters!

Now, don’t you feel like touring to Italy at least once in life? Surely you will be back loaded with beautiful memories.

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