Enhance Your Italy Holiday by Witnessing the Lauding Italy Festival & Event Celebration

Italy Festivals & Events

Italy is one of the countries which is known for its festival and events celebrations. Many tourists and visitors use these occasions to experience the rich culture and traditions in Italy.

The categories and type of celebrations can vary as per the food, cultures, traditions, religion, art, music, wine, sports, and much more. The festival and event dates are declared just before the event making it a more exciting and thrilling experience. Enjoying the celebrations in Italy is one thing which you should never miss. Italy is one of those few countries in the world which is blessed with an artistic and musical heritage, that are displayed in opera houses, theaters, and on the streets during outdoor festivals. Italy hosts ancient-style tournaments, vivacious religious events, contemporary art events, film festivals, strange traditional shows, and popular sporting extravaganzas like the Italian Open tennis tournament, motor racing, rugby, and Serie A, which is one of the finest football leagues in the world. An Italy holiday coupled with Italian festival & event celebration adds the much-needed flavor and variety to your routine holidays. Contact your local operator today and check out the procedures for getting your Italy visa online.

Festivals and events celebrated in Italy

There is a range of festivals and events celebrated in this boot-shaped country, right from avant-garde musical events to local religious processions. Carnivals are celebrated vividly among the population in Italy, which has been transformed into majorly a children’s event. Children dress up in fancy costumes and are taken all around the city with huge pop and glam. One of the popular celebrations is the Venice Carnival. The celebrations are vivid with public fancy dress competitions, private masked balls, and public catwalk parades all around the city. Another large Carnival which is held in Italy is the Tuscany, where there is a large procession of elaborate floats.

The hot summers in Italy host several outdoor festivals of music and dance shows for both visitors and locals. Some of the entertainment events are free and some are paid. There is free tasting, music, stalls, dancing and much more activities in small towns, particularly in the autumn season. Apart from these, Italians love to enact their historic past and conducting historic processions.

1.Opera and ballet in Italy

Opera and Ballet in Italy

This boot-shaped country is often referred as the land of opera and is the birthplace of some of the world’s greatest music composers, theaters, opera trips, and festivals. Some of the leading and popular theaters in Italy are La Scala in Milan and Teatro dell’Opera in Rome. They have a long season of amazing opera and ballet performances. Other prestigious theaters in Italy include the La Fenice in Venice. You can consult the theaters online about their published programs and even purchase tickets in advance.

2.Ballet in Rome

Ballet in Rome

Italy is home to a grand array of outdoor events like the opera season at the Roman Arena in Verona. Theaters close down during the summers and shift their opera and ballet seasons in the atmospheric outdoor surroundings. One of the popular ones is Teatro dell’Opera in Rome held in the ruined Baths of Caracalla. There are many small-scale events and festival celebrations which last for a week or more. The outdoor events could vary from a lakeside concert to jazz in a piazza. Be a part of the events in Italy and make your trip a memorable one.

3.Teatro dell’Opera, Rome

Teatro dell’Opera, Rome

Italy has had a long and proud history of ballet performances. Of late, it has lacked the appeal and popularity among the masses. One of the best ballet performances can be witnessed at La Scala in Milan. You can also check out the amazing ballet of the Teatro dell’Opera di Roma in Rome. The local groups often lose out their best dancers to many private companies. Do check out the touring companies and the outdoor Italian Festival & Event celebrations during the summer months.

4.Music, dance and sport festivals and events

Some of the prestigious and popular musical dance festivals include the Spoleto Festival Dei Due Mondi in the months of June or July, the Puccini Festival at Torre del Lago in the month of July to August, Rossini Opera Festival in the month of August, the Opera season in Verona in the months of July to September, and the Verdi Festival in Parma in the month of October.

Italy is also home to numerous pop, rock and modern music which are held in different cities in Italy all through the year. Do check out the schedule of the touring bands in your area before planning your itinerary. These events are normally held in far off locations like industrial estate and out-of-town venues which are different to locate for the tourists and visitors.

5.Other cultural events

Buskers Festival
Buskers Festival

There is a host of events which are celebrated vividly in Italy. These festivals at times have very unusual or amusing themes or settings. These vary from film festivals to several busking conventions. The Art Biennale in Venice is one of the biggest art exhibitions held in the area and attracts artists, buyers, visitors, and critics from all around the globe. There are also several Greek theaters in Siracusa and Taormina, and the Baths of Caracalla in Rome. These areas provide the perfect atmosphere and ambiance for summer dramas, theaters, and musical concerts. Some of the popular festivals include the Taormina Film Fest in the month of June, the Venice film festival in the month of August/September, the Rome Cinema Festival during autumn, the Buskers Festival in the month of October, and much more.

6.Italian Football

Football has been popular among the masses for decades. There have been several ups and downs in Italian football right from the match-fixing scandals to winning the World Cup respectively. Watching a match live will surely be one of the most memorable and unforgettable events in your life. Witness the wild celebrations and euphoria among the audience as the match progresses.

7.More sport festivals

Internazionali BNL d’Italia
Internazionali BNL d’Italia

There are six nations rugby tournaments held each year in Italy, with all the matches played in Rome. Apart from this, Italy also hosts the prestigious Italian Open tennis tournament, Formula One Grand Prix, and the Internazionali BNL d’Italia. Book your special package to attend the race with travel companies and be a part of the celebrations in Italy.

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