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Italy features among the top seven tourist destinations globally, with an increasing trend of tourists and visitors looking to tick off their travel bucket list each year. The beautiful boot-shaped southern European country is ideal for any vacation, whether you want a quick, long or short, or an exciting or adventurous one. An Italy visa is a mandatory document that you would require before you kick-start your planning for a short or long vacation to explore the best of what Italy has to offer. Let us take you through the fabulous Italian destinations with the following seven-day itinerary.

A Seven-Day Italy Itinerary

This seven-day itinerary is designed to match a specific region or interest. Several budget-friendly hotels in Italy fit into every budget as you move between different Italian destinations in your seven-day itinerary. We have designed this seven-day itinerary considering the best experience of Italian culture.

Day 1 & 2: Rome

Rome in Italy

Start your day in the Italian capital. Rome is a beautiful city that combines the essence of millennial history with a modern future. Rome has everything to cater to the taste of every global traveler, irrespective of whether it is about browsing through the historical past of Rome, the modern attractions, or the vibrant nightlife in Rome. Explore Italy’s best art, architecture, beauty, history, cuisine, and culture in Rome. The second day is dedicated to the Vatican City’s exploration.

Day 1 Attractions:  The Colosseum, Roman Forum and Palatine Hill, Via dei Fori Imperiali, Altar of the Fatherland, Piazza Navona, and the historic heart of Rome (Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps)
Each historical site in Italy has a special significance and place in its heritage. Look to cover all the Day 1 attractions to make the best use of the day. Start off from your hotel or accommodation after a scrumptious breakfast as you explore walking over the buzzing Rome streets.

Day 2 Attractions: The Vatican Museum, the Sistine Chapel, St. Peter’s Basilica, Tiber River, Villa Borghese Gardens, Borghese Gallery/Castel Sant’Angelo
Where to eat: You will find numerous budget-friendly Italian street foods for your lunch, including pizzas by slice. You can head to a rooftop bar for an aperitivo or enjoy a scrumptious dinner at one of the buzzing restaurants. Dinner is not served in Rome till 7 p.m.

Accommodation in Rome

Depending on your budget, you can choose from the various accommodation options in Rome.

Luxury: Hotel Eden – Dorchester Collection
Mid-range: The Tridente Rooms
Budget: The Palladini Hostel

Day 3 & 4: Florence

Florence Italy

Florence brings you close to the art culture in Italy. Begin your third day by browsing the historic sites, gazing over the city, and exploring the rooftop bars for closure. The second day will mostly cover the fabulous art museums, explore the lush green gardens, and enjoy panoramic views of the Florence region. Check for days, as many attractions have specific opening days in Florence.

Day 3 Attractions: The Duomo, Michelangelo’s David, Palazzo Vecchio, and Rooftop Bars

Day 4 Attractions: Uffizi Gallery, Ponte Vecchio, and Piazzale Michelangelo

Florence is the unofficial art capital of the region, as art and Florence are synonymous with each other. You will never be short of art, architecture, culture, and monuments here. There are so many that you can dive deep into each and yet have a different story for each destination.

Where to eat: Mercato Centrale is a great quick lunch option. For some fine dining, Divina Terrazza, Angel Roofbar, and B Roof are other great options for dinner.

Accommodation in Florence

Like in Rome, you will find numerous places to stay in Florence, depending on your budget.

Luxury: Firenze Rentals Corso 12
Mid-range: Palazzo Riblet
Budget: Plus Florence

Day 5: Milan

Milan city

Milan is the busy business and fashion capital of Italy. However, if you dive deep, you can explore a vibrant culture, an excellent art and architecture scene, millennial historical elements, fabulous shopping destinations, and delicious cuisine. It is hard to cover the best of what Milan offers in just one day. However, we have you covered amidst the top highlights of this bustling city.

Day 5 Attractions: Piazza del Duomo and Duomo Terraces, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, La Scala Opera, Brera and Braidense National Library, and finally, Sforzesco Castle and Sempione Park

Every hidden gem in Milan may not be covered in one day. But being the fashion capital of Italy, you can complete an entire day of shopping. Such are the options at your disposal here. Explore the best of Italian art, cuisine, and architecture by conquering Milan in one day.

Where to eat: You will find several options in Milan per your budget. Sabbioneda Trattoria, Pampa, and Brutto Anatroccolo are great quick, low-cost lunch or dinner options.

Accommodation in Milan

You will be amazed at the fantastic options for spending a night in Milan. Following are the options as per your budget.

Luxury: Galleria Vik Milano
Mid-range: Ibis Milano Centro
Budget: Ostello Bello

Day 6 & 7: Venice

Venice City

Venice is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the European region. Be it in the popular canals or the iconic gondola rides, the floating city of Italy experiences long queues due to its extreme popularity. Be a smart traveler and purchase the tickets online or in advance. Since the beginning of 2023, Venice has introduced a tourist tax to control the crowds.

Day 6 Attractions: St. Mark’s Square, Doge’s Palace, and the Venice Canals

Day 7 Attractions: Grand Canal, Rialto Bridge, San Polo, and Dorsoduro

A group of 118 islands interlinked by 400 bridges make up the Venice landscape. The landscape is decorated with Renaissance, Venetian Gothic, and Baroque architecture designs, narrow canals, and wide piazzas.

Where to eat: The floating Italian city has fabulous places to eat. Caffe Florian and Ai Do Leoni are great options for a quick lunch on a budget. For some fine dining, Ristorante Quadri, 1000 Gourmet Venezia, and Osteria Enoteca San Marco are excellent choices to end the day in style.

Accommodation in Venice

Depending on your budget, there are several fabulous destinations to stay in Venice. Following are our recommendations:

Luxury: Ai Patrizi di Venezia
Mid-range: Hotel alle Guglie
Budget: Combo Venezia


Shortlist the fabulous Italian destinations on your seven-day itinerary based on your taste and preferences. Each Italian destination offers something unique about its culture and heritage. Get your Italy visa and discover fascinating elements and aspects of Italian culture.

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