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The tourist population in Italy is very large, and this can cause some hotels to charge a premium to beat the season rush. To avoid any last-minute hassles, it is always better to book your hotel well in advance.

Making sure your lodging is reserved is one of the most important things you should remember while applying for an Italy tourist visa online. As is customary, immigration authorities will occasionally require travelers and guests to provide documentation of their lodging in Italy.

Having said that, we have put together a list of the top seven budget friendly hotels in Italy to help you plan your trip and not break the bank while visiting this stunning nation.

Beautiful and budget-friendly hotels in Italy

1.Casa Howard

Casa Howard, Italy

This could be a few levels above the average budget band, but you will be amazed by the style on offer and its affordability. There are 10 themed and memorable bedrooms spread across its two locations – Via Sistina and Capo le Case. You would feel as if you are living in your Italian best friend’s house that is a style lover in which each room at the Via Sistina decorated with various designs ranging from zebra to floral designs. The Capo le Case has more subtle rooms, which are designed by creative designer Tommaso Ziffer. You will have to find a different accommodation if you are accompanied with your pets. One of the popular hotels in Italy, which will give stiff competition to the luxury hotels in Italy

Location: Via della Scala, 18, 50123 Firenze FI, Italy
What’s special?
Each of its 12 highly individual bedrooms is adorned with antique furnishings, fine fabrics, and original interior décor. Imagine waking up to a continental breakfast served directly in your room, surrounded by Belle Époque charm. Conveniently located just 120 meters from Santa Maria Novella Railway Station and a mere 500 meters from the Cathedral, Casa Howard invites you to embrace the quirky and create lasting memories in the heart of Florence with this one of the best budget hotels in Italy.

2.The Beehive

The Garden at Beehive, Rome Italy
The Garden at Beehive, Rome Italy

Pocket-friendly hotels in the bustling city of Rome are quite rare, but the Beehive provides you one such rare instance that is just a street away from the busy Termini train station. The rooms are flavored with personal touches from their American owners are truly inspired by their various adventurous travels. The eco-conscious convictions of the hotel compliments and covers up for its lack of style statements. Each room in this hotel is decorated through local-made organic bathroom accessories like soaps, shampoos, and linens. There is a range of facilities like an outdoor garden, welcome lounge, massage therapy sessions, yoga classes, vegetarian bio-café for relaxing and rejuvenating your senses.

Address: Via Marghera, 8, 00185 Roma RM, Italy
What’s special?
When you are looking for budget friendly hotels in Italy, many people must have suggested the Beehive. The Beehive ensures you won’t have to lug a heavy backpack or luggage all over town. Its relaxed vibe and casually stylish atmosphere are perfect for unwinding after a day of exploration. Whether you’re traveling solo, with friends or family, or as a couple, the Beehive offers a variety of room types to suit all needs and is a budget: pillow-topped beds (including some of the female-only dorms), room with a shared bathroom (private rooms and rooms with a shared bathroom) and room with a private bathroom (private rooms).

3.Hotel Santa Maria

Hotel Santa Maria, Italy

It is very hard to find a peaceful place in Trastevere, but Hotel Santa Maria is a unique exception right in the center of the bustling neighborhood. The fragrant orange trees that border a courtyard, which is surrounded by portico-covered complexes, set the tone of the hotel. All the rooms are decorated in modern Italian country style – terracotta tiled floors, brick walls, floral curtains, and come with attached bathrooms. This place is an ideal place for a weekend runaway if you are looking for a quiet and peaceful place.

Address: Vicolo del Piede, 2, 00153 Roma RM, Italy
What’s special?
With 1,267 hotels to choose from, this city provides a variety of options. Whether you’re exploring the Demetria Estate Winery, savoring the top-notch restaurants, or enjoying the beautiful beaches, Santa Maria has something for everyone. The hotel scene includes cozy accommodations like Wine Stone Inn, Hampton Inn & Suites Santa Maria, and Best Western Plus Big America. Whether you’re seeking a room with nice views or simply a comfortable stay, Santa Maria’s hotels cater to diverse preferences.

4.Residenza Cellini

Residenza Cellini, Rome Italy

The sleek parquet floors and art nouveau door moldings of this hotel will surely floor you. This place has enough capacity to accommodate six families. Keeping in mind the style, the cheery and chintz décor in the room, along with brocaded padded headboards, Persian style rugs, and floral decorated earthenware will add to your liking for this wonderful place. Located just a street from the Piazza della Repubblica in the famous museum renaissance of Rome. Some of the star attractions of this place are the neighboring Palazzo Massimo that is located a few blocks above Palazzo delle Esposizioni, which is home to contemporary yet stylish exhibitions.

Address: Via Modena, 5, 00184 Roma RM, Italy
What’s special?
With an intimate setting, it offers 11 rooms adorned with luxurious historical interiors. Guests can enjoy a cozy lobby, a simple and tidy breakfast room, and the convenience of being close to transportation and attractions

5.Suite Dreams

Suite Dreams, Rome Italy

This place is surely going to cast aside any Liberty tendencies in you, as it is located in the same place as Cellini. Decorated with minimum décor, but the vanilla tones, flat-screen televisions, DVD players, free Wi-Fi, parquet floors, and wall moldings add a particular Italian flavor to this place. If you are looking for something modern and yet affordable, then head straight to this place. A perfect location, which is pocket-friendly for all type of tourists and visitors.

Address: Via Modena, 5, 00184 Roma RM, Italy
What’s special?
Suite Dreams Roma, the place to stay in Via Modena 5 – a nice place in the heart of Rome – provides a lovely blend of modern spaciousness and a comfortable strategic location. The hotel’s room service is spacious and air-conditioned, manifested in a modern design and soundproof windows to provide a comfortable stay during the hot summers and cold winters. Discover such amenities as free Wi-Fi and buffet breakfasts at no cost to guests. The attentive staff is available 24/7, be it helping you to hire a cab and book a guided tour or even arrange your airport transfer. Besides, the hotel’s vicinity to the Colosseum, Quirinal Palace, and Repubblica subway station makes the hotel a favorite spot to stay for customers who would like to explore the capital.


Caput Mundi Hotel in Italy

With the Vatican neighborhood, this place provides an ideal weekend tryst. Set aside the paps, as the double gates provide you an extra cushion of security. Relax and chill out in this elegant and exotic spot, where you would be served homemade breakfast while you have a choice of reading multiple newspapers. Elegantly decorated with a wonderful fusion of luxurious fabrics, these three suites is a perfect weekend getaway from the busy streets of Italy.

Address: Via Urbano VIII, 16C, 00165 Rome Italy.
What’s special?
Here at this charming hotel, we offer a good balance between ease and comfort. To conclude, the rooms are luxuriously decorated, each with an en-suite bathroom. Customers will not find any empty pockets at this hotel since we provide free Wi-Fi service for the length of their stay. Customers will not find any empty pockets at this hotel since we provide free Wi-Fi service for the length of their stay. Caput Mundi Suite, located in a convenient neighborhood close to retailers and such attractions as Santa Maria Maggiore Basilica and Colosseum, offers an exciting stay in the core part of Rome.

7.Relais Palazzo Taverna

Relais Palazzo Taverna, Italy

A 12-th century marvel, which has 11 rooms, is the envy of the Piazza Navona neighborhood. The peculiar 1960s floral designs clearly indicate the designer’s sense of humor, since it is located in the land of intense Roman traditions such as papal pomposity to patrician pedigrees. The Gelateria del Teatro in the corner has artisanal flavors, which can be voted for the best gallery in this historic center. You are surely going to love this place. Once of the best Rome hotels which give you affordable style at pocket-friendly prices.

Address: Via Gabrielli, 92, 00186 Roma RM, Italy
What’s special?
It is the location of its prime that takes you just a stoke-away from world-famous landmarks like Castle Sant’Angelo, Piazza Navona Square, The Pantheon, St. Peter’s Basilica, and Campo dei Fiori Square. Each room reflects its separate appearance, contemporary facilities, and artistry side. Whether you’re exploring Rome’s picturesque streets or savoring local cuisine, Relais Palazzo Taverna promises an enchanting stay.

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