Italy During Christmas

Experience more magic during the Christmas Celebration in Italy with the countless incredible events. You just need to satisfy the Italy visit visa requirements. Things to do in Italy include Exploring the Christmas market, where you will see handmade crafts and taste the taste of typical Epiphany pastries.

Join the whole world in one chord, visit Cinque Terre, and be at the Midnight Mass in the beautiful churches, letting the divine atmosphere envelop you. Behold handcrafted Nativity scenes commonly known as “Presepi”, and gaze at city lights turning into glittering stars at night. Together with residents feel the Christmas spirit and attend historical reenactments and a gondola junket you can perform and croy carols and enjoy the peculiar amusement of a gondola ride in Venice.

While spending New Year’s Eve in Italy on the top of the Alps, tasting the regional food, or participating in the local festivals, you will do the unbelievable and will be always in love with the festive season in Italy and its mood. Your Italy trip during winter will be quite fun. This blog shares details about several things to do in Italy.

Things to do in Italy during Christmas:

1. Witness Christmas markets in South Tyrol

Christmas Celebration at Vatican Museum

The first Christmas markets were established in Germany and Alsace in the fourteenth century, and they later extended to Italy and other countries bordering the Alps. Discover the South Tyrolean Christmas Markets if you want a taste of the most genuine ones. From November to January, Bolzano, Merano, Bressanone, Brunico, and Vipiteno’s streets and squares are decked with the traditional Christmas markets of South Tyrol.

Such sites, which can be reached by rail as well, are the most vibrant places crammed with colors, flavors, and scents and full of invigorating space that can make one’s day lighten up and brighten up one’s mood.

2. Take in the decor of Cinque Terre.

Cinque Terre

A big part of Cinque Terre’s charm is found in the way the Italian Riviera’s streets are decorated for Christmas Eve when lights and suggestive figures are strung along with enormous trees set up in the town’s central squares.

Cinque Terre is one of the most popular tourist destinations for the festive season in Italy. Though all of the Cinque Terre villages are notable for their lights and decorations, Monterosso al Mare and Riomaggiore are typically the most decorated. Furthermore, Manarola is home to what is regarded as the world’s biggest Christmas crib.

3. Milan during Christmas

Instead, the Christmas markets in Milan are mostly associated with “Fiera degli Oh Bej! Oh Bej,” the customary marketplaces honoring St. Ambrose, the city’s patron saint.

The markets, which are held in front of the Sforza Castle from December 7 to 10, are said to have originated in 1288. Milan’s Christmas holiday schedule is jam-packed with activities, and one particularly significant event—the Scala Opening Night—occurs every year in the city.

4. Attend Christmas Eve Midnight Mass at the Vatican

Christmas Eve Midnight Mass at the Vatican

While you may think why is the midnight mass in this list of fun things to do in Italy, but the fact is in addition to the spiritual aspect of the festival, Vatican becomes a special place to be in during Christmas. The behemoth Christmas tree in St. Peter’s Square is a view of a lifetime! Since you are here for Christmas, do indulge in the unique New Year’s Eve in Italy

5. Colosseum during christmas

Christmas at Colosseum

While you celebrate Christmas with your family and friends in Italy, visiting the Colosseum should be on your list. It is difficult to describe Colosseum in words because it is one of those grandiose places which has been host to many a bloody fights. An architectural wonder, standing in the Colosseum and imagining that 50,000 people howling and baying for blood can send chills down your spine!

6. Christmas in Naples

The Small Hill of the Armenian St. Gregory can proudly present the best examples of Nativity Scenes.

Christmas Alley in Naples

The Christmas scene of Nativity in Naples, going back to the late 17th century and without variation, definitely conserves the traditional values, too. From early November to January 6th, figurines for both conventional and unusual Nativity scenes are on display at the well-known Nativity scene craftsmen’s workshops in Via San Gregorio Armeno, a true Naples institution.

Apart from the renowned San Gregorio Armeno craft stores, the Municipality of Naples hosts an extensive schedule of activities during the Christmas season, including guided tours, theater, music, and dance performances, as well as several markets featuring regional and seasonal handicrafts across the city.

7. Enjoy Nativity at Trapani, Sicily

Trapani Sicily

From Christmas Eve to Epiphany, Trapani in Sicily becomes a hotbed of Nativity scenes, with locals marking the occasion with their beautiful act. You can brave the chills and head to Sicily’s famous beaches to have a fun day out. We recommend you to go through our guide on Italy holidays to know basic things before you travel.

8. Excursion at Amalfi Coast and Capri

Amalfi Coast and Capri

Winter may not be the best time to visit Amalfi Coast and Capri, but it can be a fun thing to do as you will get to see the sleepy nature of this place that is lost when hordes of tourists descend here during summers. Many hotels are closed during the winters; however, if a local B&B will easy provide you good accommodation. Amalfi Coast and Capri offer majestic views of the Mediterranean and if the weather holds good, you can take a guided tour from Amalfi Coast to Capri.

9. Evenings at Trentino-Alto Adige

Evenings at Trentino-Alto Adige

Northeast Italy is one of the best places to spend Christmas in Italy. The picturesque town offers the perfect setting for Christmas with markets decorated to mark in the festive occasion. The place is also preferred by tourists who are looking to stay nearby Venice without having to shell a bomb on accommodation.

10. Gubbio’s Christmas tree is the largest in the world.

Christmas is especially remarkable in Gubbio, Umbria, where the world’s largest Christmas tree is lit up every year on the evening of December 7. The tree, which was built at the base of Mount Igino and extends to the ancient city walls, is 750 meters long and 130,000 square meters in size. It is lit up by more than 700 different colored lights.

But Christmas in Gubbio doesn’t end there. There are the iconic Christmas markets in Piazza Quaranta Martiri, the traditional nativity scene in the medieval San Martino neighborhood, and last but not least, a miniature train and panoramic wheel.

11. The old city of Bologna takes the tradition of the New Year’s celebrations to the extreme, with the old man’s fire bonfire.

The celebration hosted in the main square of Bolognese, Piazza Maggiore, depicts one of the most iconic New Year’s Eve rituals which takes us back to the olden days of “ The Bonfire of the Old Man”.

This tradition involves burning a puppet, which symbolizes the year that has just ended, on a bonfire to superstitiously wish oneself the best for the upcoming year and leave behind all the bad things from the previous one.

A giant lit sculpture known as “Vecchione,” or The Old Man, is placed in the center of the square toward the end of December and will remain there until the 31st countdown to midnight.

12. Ferrara’s Este Castle burning on New Year’s Eve

New Year’s in Italy, which includes music, spectacles, and fireworks, brings life to the squares from north to south of the Boot. Spend New Year’s Eve in Ferrara if you want to see a truly amazing show.

The town comes alive with music, family-friendly events, and the spectacular Burning of the Estense Castle, which features breathtaking fireworks displays and colorful light and color cascades at exactly midnight. The celebration takes place inside the city walls.

13. Salerno’s Christmas lights

Lights are also the main attraction of New Year’s Eve in Salerno, where the city streets are illuminated by the stunning Luci d’Artista art installations and illuminations during the Christmas holiday period (from mid-November 2019 until well into January).

14. Shop your Heart Out

Christmas Shopping in Italy

No matter where you are in Italy, the local markets will offer amazing discounts on popular products during the festive season. You can indulge in some impulsive shopping to take the best Italy has to offer with you.

15. Visit the Frasassi Cave

Frasassi Cave

One of the largest cave systems in Europe, a visit to Frasassi cave can be exhilarating. An ingenious underground system, the caves were discovered in 1971. There is 1500 meters of accessible caverns, and through a guided tour, you can complete the tour within an hour.

16. Tarvisio on New Year’s Eve: The Mount Lussari Torchlight Procession

The 47th iteration of the longest torchlight procession in the Alps, the customary Torchlight procession of Monte Lussari, takes place in Tarvisio, in the province of Udine, and is a great choice for anybody wishing to spend New Year’s Eve in Italy breathing in the fresh mountain air.

Around dusk on January 1st, in the Camporosso region, 250 skiers in traditional costumes—a Tyrolean wool cloak, sweater, wool socks, leggings, studded boots, and hat—descend the Di Prampero ski slope, lit only by their torches. Additionally, there’s a market with local product stalls and a kid’s torchlight procession at 4:30 p.m.

17. Winter Jazz in Umbria in Orvieto

And lastly, if you love jazz, there’s just one place you should spend New Year’s Eve: Orvieto, which is a haven for the 27th Umbria Jazz Winter. The whole day long, the rhythm is never-failing and entertains all tastes.

There are also jazz music meets excellent cuisine wine events and jam sessions. The gospel concert that follows New Year’s Eve Mass, the afternoon in the cathedral, and the grand New Year’s Eve dinner with performances both before and after midnight are the event’s highlights.


This Italy holiday guide consists of the amazing things to do at Christmas. The merriment of the Italian Christmas is reflected in an intriguing line-up of things to do in Christmas activities, making it a pleasure-packed and culturally immersive experience.

The enjoyment and experience of a few months in Europe begins with first exploring colorful Christmas markets or attending Midnight Mass in combination with the feeling of all these decorated churches as well as the second one would be to get the taste and satisfaction from traditional treats like panettone or having the joy of winter sports in the Alps; there is something for everybody!

The European Christmas market with adorable nativity scenes, historical dances, and boat tours around the town of Venice are some of the interesting parts of the celebrations. The streets of Italy are all enchanted during Christmas and decorated with twinkling lights. The people of Italian make the place feel more festive by singing Carol songs and that finally leads to making the place merry. You just need to fulfill the Italy visit visa requirements.

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