Food is something which is very natural to the Italian population and street food has a special place in their hearts. The very concept of Roman street food is not something new in Rome.

There are several street side stalls that sell cheap snacks and in the recent years, the number of vendors selling street food has been on the rise. You need not look any further about where to eat in Rome as it doesn’t take much effort to find out the cheap places to eat in Rome. Below listed are some of the best Roman street foods which you should definitely try out during your trip to Italy.

Italy Street Food:

1.Pizza & Mortazza

Pizza & Mortazza

Well, this should definitely answer your question what to eat in Rome. Pizza & Mortazza have become a kind of national symbol for the people in Italy. Mortazza is a slang which the Italian population use for mortadella. One of the signature ingredients in the food truck on the streets. Add the topping and flavors based on your choice and enjoy this Italian delicacy during your trip to Rome.

Savor the best pizza in town on the northwestern side of the Vatican City. The organic stoneground flour is one of the finest slow-leavened dough around. Visit the Piazza San Pietro or the Basilica di San Pietro for the best Pizza. Other popular choices that should feature on your list are pizza Bianca, potato pizza, and pizza rossa.



One of the most popular Italian foods sold on the streets. This has probably taken the street food in Rome to another level and it gives stiff competition to the most conventional food in Italy: The Pizza. Prepared by fresh bread pockets and stuffed with secret ingredients and then baked. It is simply hard to resist the fragrance and smell of the Trapizzino. For the best taste, try the Trapizzino with tomato ragu or braised chicken that are surely going to tantalize your taste buds.

3.Dar Filettaro

Dar Filettaro

The Filetto di baccala is the most appealing item of the Filettaro. Battered with deep fried cods of the beautifully flavored fish makes it simply irresistible. Other popular items on the menu include the acciughe con burro, which is anchovies with butter. Savor local delicacies at its very best on the stairs of the neighboring Santa Barbara Church.



A cross somewhere between an English style muffin and a pancake, the Mozao is stuffed with tasty fillings that are definitely going to give your taste buds a sugar rush. It’s best served with sweet and savory tigelle and fried gnocchi. Enjoy the delicious crispy tigelle from the outside and soft and warm interiors. Some of the things which you should never miss out is trying out the gioiosa, that features spuma di Mortadella all Bolognese, radicchio Rosso, and riccio li di limn.

5.Panificio Bonci

Panificio Bonci

Bread is considered a commodity and luxury at the same time. A prime ingredient for all major dishes in Italy, it is also the cheapest and filling snack for tourists from all around the globe. The Gabriele Bonci, Panificio Bonci is home to some finest pastries and bread prepared in Rome. One of the recommended dishes which you should definitely try out is the sweet and flaky pizzette. If you are heading for a breakfast, then you should definitely kick-start your day with a cornetto and an espresso. The flavors and taste you will find here are quite different to what is being prepared in your country.


Best eaten with a glass of wine, the Supplizio’s arrancini – that are fried rice balls are often served as the bionco della tradizione or the rosso classic. These classic dishes are served in egg cartons if in case you order for takeaway.

7.La Casa Del Suppli

La Casa Del Suppli

The distant Roman cousin to arrancini, the suppli is a fried rice ball served with tomato sauce, ragu, mozzarella, cheese, carbs, mincemeat, etc. After browsing through various landmarks of the city, enjoy this fabulous dish which gives an Italian flavor to this modern Roman street food. Do keep a check on the menu for the seasonal suppli for a mouth-watering dish.

8.Ciao Checca

A regional twist given by the creators to present their love for the classic pasta and some inspiration from street food experiences abroad has given rise to the Ciao Checca. For people who are close to the Pantheon, stop over at the Ciao Checca for enjoying a yummy Roman classic pasta alla checca,



If you have a sweet tooth, then the Tiramisu is definitely going to be one of your favorites. The zucchero, uova and the mascarpone are fast gaining popularity on the Roman cuisine due to the popularity of the Tiramisu. With delicious flavors like the hazelnut, rum, and berry all sandwiched between layers of savoiardi biscuits. For the dietary restrictions, you need not worry as there are Gluten and lactose-free flavors to meet their needs.

10.Panna Cotta with Raspberry Coulis

Panna Cotta with Raspberry Coulis

A classic Italian dessert is a perfect way to end your scrumptious meal. Prepared with fine ingredients like gelatin, milk, and cream before it is chilled and served with big raspberries and raspberry coulis. One of the desserts which give you a local Italian flavor.


Fried foods reign supreme among the popular street foods in Italy. The taste of the local food is something which you definitely cannot miss out on as they would literally tantalize your taste buds.

The above list is just some of the local delicacies which would give you a feel of the classic taste of Italy during your trip to Rome. Come and enjoy these tasty dishes and tantalize your taste buds to the fullest. Talk to our travel experts to know more.

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