Best day trips from Venice

Venice is a beautiful romantic destination situated in Italy. Considering the crowd that visits Venice due to its romantic significance, Venice tourist attractions do get overcrowded especially during the peak season. People at times have considered getting away from Venice just to change the pace and landscape for a day or two.

There are several day trips from Venice options available be it via a train or a tour to check out the scenic beauty of the Southern Alps, popularly known as the Dolomite. Apart from the above, one can also travel to the nearby smaller towns which would give them a sneak peek into the great culture and heritage and know more about Italy. Ask your local tour operator for Venice tours which include sightseeing tours Venice. We have handpicked some of the hidden gems which you can probably discover and explore and make your Venice holidays a truly memorable one.

Best Day Trips From Venice:

1.Lagoon Islands

Lagoon Islands, view from St Mark's Campanile

Dotted with several islands like Murano, Burano, and Torcello, the Lagoon Islands is a popular attraction for tourists and locals alike. The Murano Island is the closest to Venice – 10 minutes away through the Vaporettos link. It is popular for its glassmaking as you can check out the artisans at work live along with other historic churches. The Burano Island is popular for its colorful houses and its lace making. Located 35 minutes away from Murano, it is also known as the island of fisher folk. Torcello is the most popular island among the three situated 5 minutes away from Burano via Vaporettos link. A green island which is an inhabited natural reserve is known for its calm atmosphere and historic Byzantine churches like the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta.


Ancient statues in Padua, Italy

One of the popular destinations for a day trip from Venice even though it is one of the oldest cities in Northern Italy. Located 25 minutes from Venice by train, Padua has a giant 12th-century city hall building and a beautiful church where St. Anthony was buried. One of the star attractions of this place is the Scrovegni Chapel which features an important series of frescoes painted by the popular artist, Giotto during this later years. These frescoes that were created in the 14th century are referred to the masterpieces category in Europe. Some of the other impressive works placed in Basilica de Sant’ Antonio, the place where the apostle St. Mark was buried include an equestrian sculpture painted.


Venetian architecture in Treviso, Italy

The ancient city of Treviso is 30 minutes away from Venice via train. It is home to a 14th century Venetian Republic wall and several ancient churches and palaces which were built during the Venetian rule in between the 14th & 17th century. Deprived of a canal system like the one in Venice, Treviso is at the meeting point of two rivers and most of the city is on water. This was the birthplace of the Tiramisu and also one of the centers where prosecco was produced. Many famous celebrities visit this place often, so you can be at times lucky to catch your favorite stars.


Sunset aerial view of Verona. Italy

If you are a die-hard Shakespeare fan, then a visit to the city of Verona is a must. You can reach Verona easily by train or car in 1.5 hours. The Taming of the Shrew and the Two Gentlemen of Verona are set here. The Verona Opera Festival is hosted in this city every summer. One of the star attractions of this place includes the ornate Romanesque San Zeno Maggiore Church. Another popular attraction includes the Ponte Scaligero Bridge, which was built in the first century and renovated after the World War II where it was destroyed. The most popular structure is the Arena, a gigantic Roman amphitheater which has a crumbling exterior, but it is still functional today. This is the 3rd largest amphitheater in the world which has survived antiquity. You can also indulge in a wine tour in the Valpolicella region situated towards the north.


Piazza Dei Signori in Vicenza, Veneto, Italy

Located close to 37 miles from Venice, Vicenza oozes the fusion of a historic and a cosmopolitan city. Built in the 16th century, the Teatro Olimpico is one of the most popular architectural marvels built by Andrea Palladio is a popular attraction in Vicenza. Apart from this, visitors and guests can stroll through the art galleries, public squares, and museums such as the one in Piazza dei Signore which was also designed by Palladio. On the outskirts is the Villa Rotonda, which is considered to the star attraction of Vicenza. The Villa Rotonda was also designed by Palladio in the year 1591 and features all the revolutionary and innovative ideas of the genius under one building. The exterior is as stunning as the interiors. The interiors are frescoed with tromp l’oeil scenes which were part of Villa’s daily routine life.


A two-hour train trip from Venice brings you to Ravenna. Popular for its old churches that were built some 1500 years back. These churches are home to probably the best Byzantine mosaics in Europe. The Basilica di San Vitale is witnessed by many people due to its fabulous mosaics like the scene with the Apostles. One of the UNESCO World Heritage sites that are located in Ravenna. Another place popular for its marvelous mosaics is the Mausoleum de Gallia Placidia. Apart from this, you can check out the colorful indoor market, Marcato Coperto to purchase snacks and other items.

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