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Looking to explore the beautiful city of Florence in the most intense, adventurous, unique, and typical Italian cultural way. You will find all the major Florence attractions at walking distance from each other.

This city is blessed with great cafes, wonderful restaurants, quick bite counters, and wine bars for refueling yourself apart from many open-air attractions that serve the must-try Italian food during Italy holidays. Well, it is almost impossible to condense all the things to do in Florence Italy in just one article; this is not the only list, but this would give you a brief about what to do in Florence, Italy, and about several Florence attractions.

What is Florence best known for?

Florence is famous for its architectural buildings and is also a site of the Santa Maria del Fiore, which took almost 600 years to be completed. This area is also famous for the victorious wool business near the 13th century. You will love the exploration of the history this place offers.

The Best Time To Visit Florence, Italy

The ideal time to visit Florence is between May and September with warm weather that brings in the art fairs, outdoor dining, and Italian weather which inspired the Renaissance artists. This is because the spring season witnesses the beauty of peculiar flowers along the Tuscan countryside. And, the autumn season offers the perfect temperature to engage in numerous outdoor activities, that other weathers might not allow.

The Best Time To Visit Florence, Italy

The ideal time to visit Florence is between May and September with warm weather that brings in the art fairs, outdoor dining, and Italian weather which inspired the Renaissance artists. This is because the spring season witnesses the beauty of peculiar flowers along the Tuscan countryside. And, the autumn season offers the perfect temperature to engage in numerous outdoor activities, that other weathers might not allow.

Let’s take a look at the top 15 things to do in Florence:

1.Uffizi Gallery

Uffizi Gallery, Florence

Set as the oldest and the most popular art museum in the Western world. Home to masterpieces from the Renaissance period that are unique and one of a kind. During the peak tourist season, people are expected to wait even up to five hours to beat the reservation quo. We recommend you book your ticket well in advance to avoid any last-minute hassles. A classic that you should never skip. Top attractions in the gallery include the Vasari corridor and the Palazzo Pizzi.

2.San Lorenzo’s Market

San Lorenzo’s Market

A classic food market settled in the center of the city of Florence. Home to two closed markets, the first one being San Lorenzo, which is the oldest and the largest and the second one being Sant’ Ambrogio. A perfect place to live and experience the real Florentine. The fresh products are great to taste. The first floor of the Mercato Centrale is home to several high-quality cafes, restaurants, bar and lounges where you can spend a good relaxing time.

3.The Duomo and Cupolone

The Duomo and Cupolone

Indulge in a breathtaking experience by climbing the Duomo and look out for a spectacular panoramic view of the entire city of Florence. However, the biggest challenge remains to climb 463 steps to reach the top of this architectural wonder. Grab a quick bite from the Cafeteria della Oblate to refresh yourself after your journey. The café is located on the roof terrace of a public library in Florence. Enjoy a vibrant and comfortable atmosphere during the evenings. The adjacent Bell Tower can also give you the best angle to view the Duomo.

4.Browse through the Oltrarno district

Browse through the Oltrarno district

Located on the opposite side of the river from Piazza Della Signoria, which is considered one of the intimate areas in Florence. Explore the rich history and heritage of the city as you browse through the churches, museums, monuments, parks, and palaces. Check out the handicraft shops, mosaic-makers, gilders, woodcarvers, goldsmiths, and artisan workshops as you stroll through the district. Apart from these, you can also grab a quick bite or indulge in a delicious meal at one of the several restaurants and cafes in the neighborhood.

5.Feast on gelato

Feast on Gelato

Florence is often referred as the birthplace of the gelato. The Vivoli family serves a round of seasonal specials like the Tuscan-grown rose and lavender and gourmet specials like salted caramel since the year 1939. The gelato also comes with several classic flavors such as the pistachio, chocolate, cream, and other seasonal fruit varieties.

6.Enjoy Bistecca Fiorentina

Enjoy Bistecca Fiorentina

A popular restaurant in Florentine has a humongous crowd lined up to taste its thick bistecca Fiorentina. The restaurant is open since 1966 and the menu is very consistent and spot on, apart from the certificate of sourcing original Chianina breed of cattle on display, which has the origins of the bistecca Fiorentina. Your taste buds will definitely demand more, once you taste this Italian specialty.

7.Savor Panino con Lampredotto

Savor Panino con Lampredotto

This sandwich has a weird name, but you will definitely not be disappointed once you taste it. Utilize your chance to taste the local delicacy of Florence. There are an array of lampredotto stalls in every corner of the city that gives you plenty of options to choose from. One of the local delicacies, which you should definitely not miss during your trip to Florence, Italy.

8.Stroll along the Arno River and cross the Ponte Vecchio Bridge

Arno River and cross the Ponte Vecchio Bridge

One of the most clicked bridges in the city of Florence; the Ponte Vecchio Bridge is a huge hit even among the locals. The only ancient bridge with houses and shops on it, primarily because of the secret passageway, the Vasari Corridor was built on top of them. This passageway connects Palazzo Vecchio and Pitti Palace. This is definitely one of the must-visit places in Florence.

9.Bask in the glorious sunset from the top of Piazzale Michelangelo

Sunset from the top of Piazzale Michelangelo

The Piazzale Michelangelo gives you a spectacular bird’s eye view of the entire city of Florence. Located in the Oltrarno district, this is one of the popular squares in the city. Featured in several snapshots and postcards has added to the popularity of this observation point on Piazzale Michelangelo. You will pass through the narrow streets of San Niccolo’s neighborhood on your journey to the observation point. Check out the Clet’s studio on the way for an artistic surprise.

10. Visit the Florence Cathedral

The Florence Cathedral is also famous as the Cathedral of Santa Maria Fiori and Piazza Duomo. It has displays of amazing artworks from artists like Michelangelo, Giotto, Donatello, etc within the building. For people who love art and have always wanted to see the works of these artists live, this is a must-visit. Also, the environment of the cathedral is peaceful.

11. Discover the charm of Cinque Terre

It will be quite fun to go up the coastal region in Florence. Adventure lovers should try this 1-day trek through the coastal terrain while you come across serene fishing villages. Watch the beauty of the rivers in Italy on a boat ride. Trail through the cliffs in the National Park and do many exciting things.

12. Explore the Bargello Palace, National Museum

Bargello Palace National Museum is one of the oldest buildings in Florence. It was built in 1255 and is also famous as the Palazzo del Bargello or Palazzo del Popolo. And for art lovers and history enthusiasts, visiting this place is one of the fun things to do in Florence. As the four great masterpieces by Michelangelo can be a sufficient reason to visit Florence, the museum also includes many delightful works of art enhanced by Carrand, Ressman, and the rest of the artists.

13. Enjoy the Old Italian Dining Style in Da Nerbone

For all travelers, dining at Da Nerbone is one of the best tourist attractions in Florence. Da Nerbone has been in business since 1872, though its authentic Tuscan lunch of tripe rolls is available in the Mercato Centrale. Alternatively, Caffé Gilli can also be visited to enjoy coffee and pastries in an upscale, classic environment in this popular place for locals to meet.

14. Tour The Winery At Renaissance Villa

There are multiple vineyards and wineries in Tuscany to explore. For people who love to drink wine, they are among the best sights to see. Take a ride through the countryside and be astonished by the natural landscape changing from wonderful olive groves to widespread vineyards. Take a few moments to visit a winery on the Renaissance villa to taste delicious Tuscan olive oil, wine, and other specialties. But one can also end his or her tour with an excellent bowl of Italian gelato.

15. Visit Santa Croce

One of the best things to do in Florence, hidden inside the treasure chest of the Tuscan capital is the Santa Croce. It may be the striking mausoleum or the artistic church, but Santa Croce breathes in the art of Renaissance, and seeing the works of Michelangelo, Cappella Bardi, Cappella Peruzzi, and Galileo makes the visit to this landmark in Florence worthwhile.

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