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Dubai is a modern travel destination for many travelers, whether for transit or vacation. The city welcomes tourists and visitors with great pomp and glamour. The Dubai residents travel globally frequently, with Europe being a preferred destination. However, before you pack your bags from Dubai for your first Euro trip, you need to know about the Schengen visa requirements and mandates set by the Schengen authorities. The requirements are often dynamic, and considering today’s modern world, where things take a dramatic turn so rapidly, it is important to have the right partner by your side to understand all the requirements and update you as per the latest regulations.

Getting your Schengen visa from Dubai

UAE is among the top travelers to Europe and Schengen areas globally. If you are also one of the Dubai residents following the same pursuit, it is critical to understand the basics of a Schengen visa and the formalities while applying for a Schengen visa.

Schengen is a term introduced by 26 European countries for abolishing internal border checks that enable people to travel across these countries with a single visa stamp on their passports. For example, a Schengen short-visa holder from Dubai can transit or stay in any Schengen area state for 90 days within a one-time frame of 180 days. The following countries signed the Schengen agreement to abolish internal border checks:

  • Austria
  • Hungary
  • Norway
  • Belgium
  • Iceland
  • Poland
  • Finland
  • Lithuania
  • Spain
  • Czech Republic
  • Italy
  • Portugal
  • Denmark
  • Latvia
  • Slovakia
  • Estonia
  • Liechtenstein
  • Slovenia
  • France
  • Luxemburg
  • Sweden
  • Germany
  • Malta
  • Switzerland
  • Greece
  • Netherlands

Requirements for your Schengen visa

Your Schengen visa application from Dubai is not overly complex if you have completed all the necessary paperwork before applying. In fact, you will be surprised that getting your Schengen visa from Dubai is much easier and simpler compared to other countries. Below is the list of the mandatory documents while applying for a Schengen visa from Dubai:

  • Fully signed and acknowledged Schengen visa application form
  • Two recent visa-size photographs that are less than 3-4 months old from the application date meet the Italy visa requirements.
  • Minimum validity of 3+ months of the passport from the scheduled travel and return date, which is not older than 10 years.
  • UAE residence permit with a minimum validity of at least 3 months from the date of return
  • A round-trip travel reservation that includes your flight and hotel accommodation throughout your stay
  • Cover letter for the reason of traveling to Europe
  • Travel insurance policy to cover your necessary health insurance for the entire Schengen region
  • Sufficient bank balance for Schengen visa and meeting your expenses within the region. Schengen visas for Indians in UAE and beyond also need validation of the bank statement at least 3-6 months from the scheduled travel date.
  • Sponsorship letter for all the sponsored residents and your sponsor’s bank statement, if applicable. This would be a mandate for all the people applying for a Schengen visa for Indian passport holders.
  • Visa fees paid receipt for validation.

Process for applying for a Schengen visa from Dubai?

How to apply Schengen visa from Dubai

Consulate or embassy for applying for a Schengen visa

Knowing which country needs to issue your visa if your stay includes a visit to more than one Schengen state is essential. Also, keep track of the body managing all visa applications. In a dynamic scenario like today, European countries accept visa applications even 3-6 months before the scheduled travel date. Do follow Schengen visa regulations and rules to avoid delays.

Scheduling your appointment and attending your Schengen visa interview

You need to schedule your VFS Dubai Schengen visa appointment in advance. Your interview can be scheduled in a consulate, embassy, or visa center. Carry all your supporting documents and recheck all documents to ensure you have not missed any documents while heading for your visa interview. Before submitting your application form, you must understand the process and clarify all the milestones for your Italy visa or Schengen visa.

Response time for your Schengen visa

You should wait to hear back from the consulate, embassy, or visa center once your visa interview is over. There is no predetermined time for getting your Schengen visa. The response time can vary depending on the number of Schengen countries you would be passing or visiting during your travel and the nature of your trip. The EU security systems, like the Visa Information System and the Schengen Information System, will scrutinize all the visa applications and their respective supporting documents. On average, the Schengen visa processing time can be around fifteen working days from the submission date.

The Schengen visa cost from Dubai

The Italy visa or the Schengen visa cost differs for adults and children. The visa charges for adults are AED 330 per applicant. For kids between 6-12 years, the charges are AED 165 per kid. There are no visa charges for children below 6 years. In addition, the visa charges are waived off for any diplomatic and service passport holders and family members of any EU/EEA national.

The visa application center in the UAE

There are two VFS Schengen visa application centers in the UAE, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. While applying for an Italy visa from Dubai, you must visit your nearest visa application center if you intend to travel to the following countries during transit.

  • Belgium
  • Lithuania
  • Estonia
  • Luxembourg
  • Finland
  • Poland
  • Latvia
  • Slovakia
  • Liechtenstein
  • Slovenia

Who should definitely apply for a Schengen visa from Dubai?

All non-UAE passport holders or non-residents of Schengen countries residing in the seven emirates of the UAE will need a Schengen visa for traveling to the Schengen states. In addition, if you tick any of the below, you must apply for a Schengen or Italy visa to travel to Italy.

All UAE Passport holders who were previously denied visa-free entry by any of the Schengen countries.
Non-UAE citizens on a permanent or temporary residence permit are nationals who belong/ do not belong to visa-free countries for Italy/ within the Schengen region.

Catch hold of a dependable travel partner who can help you sail through your visa application form and save you any last-minute delays and hassles. We hope that we were able to clarify and simplify the entire process of Italy visa requirements and clearly call out the Italy visa documents and procedures required for submitting your Schengen visa application from Dubai. In addition, the geographical location of Dubai makes Europe among the preferred destinations in the UAE.

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