Italy Transit Visa

Italy is a wonderful country to explore. The country falls under the Schengen zone, which consists of 29 other countries that share the same border rules. It is located in such a strategic position that several flights pass through. If you are travelling to a non-Schengen country but have to stop in Italy to change your connecting flight, you might need a transit visa. If not, you might have to face the legal consequences. So, here’s everything you need to know about the Italy transit visa requirements, process, and more.

Italy Transit Visa


A Italy transit visa is a permit issued to those who are travelling to a non-Schengen country but have to stop in Italy to connect to their onward journey. Such a visa is also known as an A-visa and comes under the Italy short-stay visa.

Though Italy transit visas fall under short-stay visas, you are not allowed to leave the international transit area, even if you have to stay overnight at the airport. A transit visa for Italy is valid for 24 hours. Please keep in mind that if you need to leave the international airport to connect with a flight from another airport in Italy, you are required to apply for a regular Italy visa online or personally.

There are two main categories of Italy transit visas issued, depending on the mode of travel and having varied requirements and validity durations:

  • Italy Airport Transit Visa
  • Italy Transit Visa for Seamen

Do I Need an Italy Airport Transit Visa?

You are required to hold an Italy transit visa if you are from one of the following countries:

However, even if you are a national of one of the above-mentioned countries, you may not need an Italy transit visa if you meet one of the following requirements:

 Afghanistan   Ethiopia   Nigeria Senegal
 Bangladesh    Ghana   Pakistan Syria
Democratic Republic of the Congo    Iran   Somalia
Eritrea    Iraq   Sri Lanka

However, even if you are a national of one of the above-mentioned countries, you may not need an Italy transit visa if you meet one of the following requirements:

Andorra Croatia San Marino
Bulgaria Ireland United States
Canada Japan United Kingdom
Cyprus Romania EU or EEA country
  • You hold a valid visa from one of the Schengen countries or for:
  • You hold a diplomatic, special, or service passport
  • You are a family member of an EU/EEA or Switzerland citizen.
  • You are a national of a country that is a part of the Chicago Convention on International Civil
  • Aviation or an airline crew member.

Requirement for the application of an Italy Airport transit visa

Visa Requirements

When applying for a visa, Italy visa requirements include several documents and a verification process; the same goes for an Italy transit visa.

  • Duly signed and completed Italy Schengen visa application form. The details provided must be valid, and there must be no errors.
  • Your original passport, consisting of at least two blank pages
  • Two identical and recently clicked photos that meet the Italy Visa photo requirements
  • The visa of your target country that you are travelling to (in case you need one)
  • A confirmed ticket for the connecting flight that you are travelling from Italy
  • A travel health insurance policy covering all medical emergencies and all Schengen zones with a minimum of €30000
  • Receipt of the paid Italian visa fee

Italy transit visa for Seamen

Transit Visa

If you are a crew member of a sea vessel, such as a container ship, you must have an Italy transit visa for seamen, and you must also:

  • Join a sea vessel in the port of Italy.
  • Disembark from the sea vessel and embark on another in the seaport of Italy.
  • Disembark from a sea vessel due to repatriation, sickness, a holiday, etc.
  • An Italy transit for Seamen is valid for up to five days.

Do I need an Italy transit visa for Seamen?

You must obtain an Italy transit visa for Seamen if you are a national of a country that falls under the visa requirement scheme. But this excludes Schengen countries, EU/EEA countries, and a specified list of other countries.

Requirements for the application of an Italy transit visa for Seamen

  • A duly signed and completed Schengen visa application form, provide all the valid details without any errors.
  • Two identical and recently clicked passport-size photographs that meet the Schengen photo requirements (One of them is attached to the application form.)
  • Your original passport consists of at least two black pages. If you have any previous passports (if applicable), you may also need to submit them.
  • Photocopies of the biographic data pages of your passport
  • Your seamen book is valid for the duration of the assignment.
  • Invitation letter from the local shipping company, including
  • Details regarding the port of entry, arrival and departure dates, information about the sea vessel, and the applicant’s employment status on the sea vessel
  • Valid licence or certificate of the shipping company
  • Copy of your valid employment contract
  • Travel health insurance of a minimum of €30,000 covers all medical emergencies and the entire Schengen zone.

How do I apply for an Italy transit visa?

Visa Application

Italy transit visa application needs you to go through certain procedures mentioned below:

  1. Check whether you need a Italy visa or not, as members of the EU/EEA and Schengen countries can enter without a visa, including the transit area.
  2. Complete your visa application form and be mindful of the details you provide. Avoid mistakes, verify your details, and sign it.
  3. Obtain all the necessary documents.
  4. Schedule your appointment at an Italian consulate, embassy, or visa centre.
  5. Attend the appointment. When you are called for the interview, provide the documents and answer the questions honestly and confidently. You can always look up tips for Italy visa interviews for a better idea.

Complete the payment for the visa.

Wait for the response. You will be notified by the authorities whether your application is approved or rejected.

Cost and processing time of the Italy transit visa

The Italy transit visa costs you €60. But check the cost you have to pay, as some are exempt from paying or have to pay less. Also, please note that the above-mentioned cost is subject to change.

Your response to the approval or rejection of the visa will be notified within two weeks. In the case of a special inspection, it may also take up to 30 to 60 working days. It is best advised to apply and submit the documents sooner.

Restrictions on Italy’s transit visa

With an Italy transit visa, you are not allowed to leave the international transit area. Most airports have restaurants, lounges, etc. where you can spend your time.

An Italy Airport transit visa is valid for up to 24 hours, and an Italy transit visa for Seamen is valid for up to five days.

So, this was everything you needed to know about Italy’s transit visa. When applying for any type of visa, including tourist transit and an Italian work visa, always make sure to check your eligibility criteria and requirements. To avoid any unfortunate circumstances, it is best recommended to apply sooner, as some visa cases may take more days. In cases of uncertainty, do some more research or contact an expert for further guidance.

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